Party in my Tummy

I’m back in my hometown, aka surreal america!

Posting will be a bit sporadic, because let’s be honest, given the choice of posting or going to the toddler gym with my niece?  I’ll be in the foam pit with baby.

Last night was my family’s annual Christmas party.  I was too busy during the party baby wrangling, stuffing my face, and drinking, but her are some pre-party snaps

My daddy smokes a turkey every year.  Pretty much the best thing ever

We have copious amounts of wine

Lots of cookies

I made cake balls again, this time with red velvet inside

Then you eat and drink and hold the baby because she’s terrified of all the people for a few hours… And by the end of the night, this happens

And someone (ok, me) goes “It’s ok to make mimosas at night, isn’t it?”  And then makes them.

And we rescue all the wounded soldiers

It’s one of the best parts of Christmas!

Do you or your family do a holiday party?


12 responses to “Party in my Tummy

  1. There’s a party in my tummy…so yummy, so yummy.

    Yeah, I’m a little surprised you didn’t drext me too!

  2. We usually do some kind of party at some point…with lots of booze involved.

  3. No party really, we just drink A LOT. I always say the family that drinks together, stays together. We’re thick as thieves

  4. We get together, but it’s no party like that 🙂

  5. Mmm…red velvet cake balls. Am I not classy cause i want a cakeball wedding cake? Anyways, our famly would never get drunk together..why? Cause dad will try to bust out Bruce Lee know..he’s asian.

  6. LOVE family holiday parties–looks like such a great time! Mmmm and mimosas are great ANYTIME! 🙂

  7. We have a Christmas party, and my hubby’s aunt has everyone over on Christmas eve for drinks and food.

  8. we used to do holiday parties when I was younger. they were all the rage, but yours look more fun with mimosas at night!

  9. Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce

    Looks like your family knows how to do a party right!! We do family parties, they’re always crazy (sometimes in a good way, sometimes not!) But copious amounts of wine are a given.

  10. We do a New Year party sometimes, depending on the year. Any time we come over to my parents’ house involves booze!

  11. ZOMG your family looks fun! Trade me.

  12. Haha I love the pics!

    Christmas eve party is always at my aunt’s house…I can’t wait =)

    Have fun with the baby

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