You knew it would happen…

Margaritas the size of my head!

When this showed up, I looked at it, and told the fiance “see, this is going to make me skinnier”

Cause really guys, it’s a smoothie.  It has fruit and stuff.  So it’s good for me!

It’s almost Christmas, don’t tell me differently.  Just laugh when I go wedding dress shopping.  It’ll be better that way.

I also had two chicken tamales and a beef taco.

Rice and beans are kinda my favorite thing.  They’re never as good at home.  I think cause there’s lard in these beans or something.

(Btw, if you start thinking about how your beans are full of lard, it’s a good idea to take drinks from your head sized margarita until you forget about that and can go back to enjoying them)

Oh, I forgot about this till I uploaded pictures-my drink was an “Elephant Marg”

Then we went home and I made the fiance listen to about 85 different terrible songs that I NEEDED to hear.  (Tic Tok, Party in the USA, My Humps… you get the idea)

And woke up today feeling fine.  Because like i said, that was a SMOOTHIE.  So it was good for me!

Had a bagel and a crack orange.

And we’re packing up to head on back to surreal america!

You going anywhere for the holidays?


11 responses to “You knew it would happen…

  1. I am going to the Dominican Republic for New Years!! We leave on the 29th 🙂

  2. Oooh…I want to go wedding dress shopping with you!!! You know, because your real friends and female relatives don’t matter. I’ll buy you an elephant margarita!

  3. oh no! back to surreal america…you poor soul

  4. Can we go out for elephant margs sometime?

  5. Ha I love how you refer to them as smoothies lol. Do you also still believe in Santa? =)

    I will be staying home for the holidays..isn’t that a movie?

    Have a great night chickoe =)

  6. I LOVE elephant margs and have not had them in a very long time. I agree they are just really good tasting fruit smoothies.

  7. OMG. That. Is. INCREDIBLE. Crazy-ass margarita! Can I go eat out with you? Please?!

  8. oh eme gee. Mexican food is always delicious. I can’t believe you are going back to “real america”. That might mean you and your fiance are serious…which means…no hope for me….

  9. Whoa. That is epic. A thing of beauty.

    I’m supposed to go home to the midwest but there is currently a snowstorm outside my window that is shutting down everything. Boo!

  10. Greensburg, Indiana. At least they give me presents.

  11. I want a margarita that size right now.

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