Home Cooked

Yesterday, while on our shopping adventure, we stopped to get lunch in the mall

This was necessary as I had the distinct feeling while in Sephora of “Wow.  I might pass out right now.  Well, my phone is in my pocket, so they’ll be able to find the fiance”

Thanks blood sugar, thanks.  I suppose that’s what I get for having a tartlet for breakfast huh?

Thai food

Curry for me, some sort of deep fried goodness for the fiance.  Plus chinese

Pepper chicken and veggies for me, beef broccoli for the fiance.

Did you know if you ask nicely at Panda Express they’ll give you half rice/noodles, and half veggies?  It’s great if you’re me and crave veggies but love the carbs.

Then, because cooking at home would be a cost saving measure and we were shopping all day, we hit up our old hood for some dinner.

Sal’s was one of our favorite places in Northwest.  That might have something to do with the fact that our first visit there we discovered we’d come on half price wine night.

They give you wonderful bread.   Mmmm bread.

I made quick enough work of the bread basket that the idea of appetizers made my tummy feel like it’d explode.

(that clearly means I ate a LOT of bread.  Whoops)

My tummy was not, however, too full for wine

Shocking, right?

I ordered chicken with veggies, cause warm roast chicken sounded so good

And got this

Here’s what was awesome about that.

In high school for a while I worked at the mall.  The mall closed at 7 on Sundays, and I worked closing most Sundays.  By the time we got the store cleaned up, closed, and I got home, it was a big past when my family ate dinner.

But my daddy would make me little “Kalin meals” that involved baking up chicken and veggies and deliciousness in some sort of broth or sauce every week.

This tasted just like one of those.

Which made it pretty much the best dinner ever.

I’ve been packing and cleaning like crazy today, so I’ve only got one food photo to show you

No idea how that happened.  No idea at all.

So, let’s share a family food memory!  What was something that your family would make special for you?


9 responses to “Home Cooked

  1. Are you ready for this? My mom used to make me (per my request) Hot Chicken Salad, which was essentially, chicken (blech), celery (yay), mayo (plah), cheese (ick) and crushed up potato chips (ewww) all baked in the oven.

    It was my fave.

  2. That thai/chinese food is making me hungry.

    My mom used to make this hash brown casserole or LATKES for me. I have always loved fried potatoes.

  3. My mom makes the best rice pudding and I love that every so often she makes it for me and it takes me back to happy times =)

  4. A roast, with mashed potatoes. Well, it used to be tuna casserole, but one night I barfed that entire thing up.

  5. Oh, YUM. There is nothing better than mall chinese food.
    I bet that gives you an idea of the kind of food I like huh? 🙂

  6. my dad likes to cook me steak. it is good. he is a good cook, you should try his food sometime.

  7. My mom made this pasta dish that I am currently trying to recreate. It was pasta, bacon, and a to die for red sauce. She would make it for special occasions.

  8. That food is making me so hungry! My mom used to make cinnamon buns and take a row of dough and put it around the outside of the pan and then toss it after so no one would have to have the “crust” pieces.

  9. i love chicken soupy sh*t. my family memories involve turnip cakes. don’t judge. it’s a chinese tradition. Mmm…your honey’s chinese food is making my mouth water…

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