Not a pancake-pancake

Today, I was craving latkes.

I tried to explain this to Baby Brother.  First, he told me I wasn’t Jewish (I’m Catholic.  Our traditional food is booze.  Which people tend to frown on as a lunch choice).  Then this ensued

Yeah, to Baby Brother latkes = fries with syrup on top.  He googled it cause he didn’t believe me that it was different.

I pressed on, without his help.

Grated potatoes were wrapped up with a towel to drain out excess water

I enjoy irony.  Look at my bowl colors

Red and green!  Awesome.

My roommate last year (and the year before) is Jewish… We had a blue and silver holiday tree in our house.  She’d enjoy my Christmas latke making.

Served up with apple sauce, sour cream, and some salad

(The goop on the salad is dressing made out of balsamic, apple sauce, and agave)

So for Baby Brother, that’s what a latke is.  Not fries with syrup.

Happy Hanukkah!

Have you ever had latkes?  It’d be awesome if everyone said yes so that baby brother feels extra silly 🙂


15 responses to “Not a pancake-pancake

  1. im just saying everyone says they are POTATO PANCAKES. those do NOT look like pancakes to me. it is completely logical to assume that they would look and be just like pancakes, just made with potatoes.

    they should call them hashbrowns with sour cream.

  2. I was totally raised by irish catholic parents and have enjoyed latkes for years!! We always make them. YUM!!!!

  3. I wonder what an atheists food of choice is? what do I eat most often?

    are latkes like the potato pancakes they serve at Shari’s and Denny’s if so then im going jewish. that stuff is the shizzle!

  4. Never had them–I’m as Catholic as they come, too

  5. I actually have tried them =)

    Dude I heart the relationship you and your brother have

  6. I’ve had them before, but never made them. I was just thinking of them tonight and thinking of making them!!

  7. I used to have these in the dining hall and loved them. I am glad you found a way to create them without having to go to McDonalds.

  8. those look greaat!! are the like savory pancakes? yum!

  9. i love how your eats are all sorts of random!

  10. I so heart you!
    Being Jewish, latkes are one of my food groups. So is booze.

  11. I love latkes. I love this, too: “Our traditional food is booze.” Being raised Catholic I totally understand that kind of holiday dinner.

  12. I’m not Christian…but I have a tree and eat the Santa cookies. Blasphemy.

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