I have sinned…

I’ve been doing all sorts of sinning since we last talked

Last night, I committed the sin of sloth, and served up dinner based on what was in the freezer that involved no effort.  This resulted in me feeding my fiance meatless meatballs.

I’m pretty sure he thought me serving them was a sin.  But he ate them.

I committed the sin of anger watching this girl on the 16 and pregnant spin off

I want to smack her a little.

Today I found this at the store

And looking at it, committed the sin of lust.

And then committed the sin of pride after buying it.

And pride of living somewhere that lets me buy a Sin Dawg any time I want.

I committed the sin of greed, by opening it right away, rather than waiting for the fiance.

And I’m looking at the weather and committing the sin of envy towards anyone and everyone who is not getting pouring rain

(It’s always a little more depressing when it says 100% chance of rain.)

By the end of the day I’m pretty sure I’ll have committed the sin of glutton, as it’s kinda my thing.

How’ve you sinned today?


14 responses to “I have sinned…

  1. Yep, I’m drinking Starbuck’s coffee even though I promised myself I wouldn’t buy it anymore. Our work kitchen is broken, so I kinda had an excuse.

    BTW-What is with that 16 and Pregnant show. So.very.wrong.

  2. sloth all the way!
    i want to punch her too! I would also love to punch “The Situation.” I would have been happy to punch him in high school too!
    oops, add anger and malice to the list (do those count?)

  3. I’ve definitely sinned in the amount of envy I have over that Sin Dawg. Dave’s Killer Bread needs to move out east now

  4. OMG i am so happy you just mentioned the whoel teen mom show, its crazy and that gal is crazier! i cant believe she is dating and going out and worrying about meeting boys when she has a BABY GIRL! ahh makes me so frustrated!

  5. i’m definitely super envious of that Sin Dawg. i hate that I can’t buy them here!

  6. OMG!!! I watched that show last night too! I was literally sobbing and screaming at the mom that dropped out of high school. Those poor babies!

  7. I cannot watch that show without throwing something. As a teacher I have the products of 16 year olds and it is not pretty at times.

  8. I’ll trade you the sin dawg for my weather….

    I can’t watch the 16 and pregnant show. Jersey Shore on the other hand….(is shame a sin?)

  9. 16 and pregnant – sad 😦 Just sad.

  10. I want to find sin dawgs near me!

    I need to wait 16 and pregnant….I am so lost.

  11. say 3 hail marys and bake me a cake.

  12. You shouldn’t envy me. No rain, but do you want to walk around in <30 degree weather?

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