Things that are not balls…

I’m glad everyone loved my balls!

Er, my CAKE balls.

I have been a sucky blogger lately, so I thought I’d catch you up on what you’ve missed!

Last Thursday, we had breakfast for dinner

Whole wheat waffles are love.

The fiance had this little jug of milk on the side

It amuses me.

Then on Saturday the fiance said he wanted beef for dinner.

I obliged.

I adore beef stew, not going to lie.

The fiance is not allowed to help with stew.  I let him once, and he stirred it constantly until the potatoes all dissolved.

Also, found this at the store

Communist themed soda? Heck yes.

And last night we had enchiladas

Using some of that turkey I made a while back.

And I taught at my favorite school today!  Best part?  One of the teachers needs someone for a full week in March.  So I’ve got that booked already! Yay!

Only bad thing is that I don’t have a planner for next year yet.

How do you organize your life?  I process information best with a written planner…. I’ve tried the calendar in Gmail and it just doesn’t work with my brain!


10 responses to “Things that are not balls…

  1. I wanna a mini milk jug! STAT. Get a planner in the dollar section at target!

  2. I use google tasks, but mostly just my brain and then realize I forgot to cross something off from last week

  3. I don’t organize anything. I’ve bought planners, etc over the years. I never keep up with it.

  4. yay for jobs!!! I applied to be a sub today. I’m hoping it works out for me. Damn budget cuts.

    I use google calendar and have it email me when I need to be reminded. This is because I check my email constantly. So it works for me!

  5. how do i keep organized? i dont. post-its strewn all over the place is how it works for me. seriously. its really bad system but hey it works…sort of.

  6. Let’s go back to the commy drink- where did you get it?

  7. I totally LOVE beef stew too!

    I have a day planner both at home and at work, and I totally NEED them to survive!!

  8. I obviously have no planner which is why the margarita date has yet to be planned. Can you please light a fire under my ass?

  9. I heart Beef Stew and I want that mini jug too lol

  10. I definitely do well when I have everything writeen down–at least that’s when I feel the most organized.
    Mmmm I could go for a waffle right now–that looks delicious!

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