Yeah, I’m mature.

We made cake balls yesterday.

What’s a cake ball?  Crumbled cake.  Mixed with frosting.  Covered in chocolate.

Basically, health food.

I took inspiration from pioneer woman and Jessica in mine.  Pioneer woman uses frosting.  Jessica used cream cheese.  I used cream cheese frosting.  Best of both worlds.

Remember how some of the cake I made a few days back didn’t want to be part of the cake?  It’s cause it knew it was destined for greater things.

Greater things being balls.

I did some with pumpkin bread too.  Just for good measure.

You mix up crumbs and frosting.

Then you make balls.

You freeze the balls.  So that they’re hard.

Then you melt some chocolate up

You make really mature jokes about chocolate balls.

And coat those suckers.  I like to use my hands

See?  This all sounds bad.

I learned this techinique from Martha Stewart btw.  Her truffles are redic btw.

I let the fiance drizzle some chocolate on top.  I think it adds a nice “look Mommy I’m helping!” touch

Then we ate them.  And made really mature comments the whole time

So good.  Worth every bad joke.

I’d write a question of the day here, but it’d end up saying something really stupid.  About balls.  I should just give up on posting when I have to work.  I’m not smart in the mornings.

But terrible jokes aside, these are fantastic.  Make some.


14 responses to “Balls

  1. Haha…..balls!

    Yea, I’m so mature too! These actually looks delish–I would love to try these!

  2. OH yes…LOVE them. You know, I didn’t know PW had made them, but the past few days I have been wishing I used frosting!

  3. I am going to have to try these. What a good idea for a Christmas party favor!

  4. ah, balls…so many jokes to be made.
    but these balls look good. as in…nevermind!

  5. Why have I never made these before?? Frosting as a major ingredient and not just a topper?! Love.

  6. I would definitely go for those balls

  7. i made balls the other week too.

    omg you read pioneer woman too? i just found her site last month and im hooked! have you read her Love Story?

  8. Last week I baked a cake. I don’t really like it, so 9/10ths of it is still sitting there. I really should get some frosting, whip these up, present them at the company Xmas party on Thursday and pretend I went through a lot of effort.

  9. Your hand picture there is giving me nightmares and flashbacks to an incident with a 4 year old and tube of toothpaste before school this morning.

  10. HA I love the title but I love those balls even more hahahaa

  11. Those look perfect – and I LOVE the bad jokes 🙂

  12. I can’t help myself here. I made cheesecake balls a couple of weeks ago. It was bad, all bad.

  13. cakeballs are way too good. Like SERIOUSLY. And the fact that you made PUMPKIN flavored ones? I may have to copy

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