Happy Hillsdale

When we were looking for houses one of the biggest things we wanted was to have a house where we could still walk places.  After two years of living in Northwest it was a hard to leave-I left an area where I could to walk to Powell’s, take the streetcar anywhere, and have a Trader Joe’s across the street… not to mention there being a ton of bars where I could easily stagger home.

But I gotta say, our new hood is pretty great-I love that we have a lot to walk to still-Baker & Spice, Salvador Molly’s, the farmer’s market,  the Thai place with golden sacs, and the head-sized margarita store.

And yeah, you can walk to a grocery store, and a bank, and a post office, and a library.

But last time I checked you can’t eat stamps.  So those aren’t quite as exciting.

Today we tried a new Hillsdale place, and it was tasty!

Three Square Grill is just a few doors down from my beloved Baker & Spice.  They do breakfasts only on Sunday.  This morning it was icy out, so we’re waiting for later church.   We realized this meant that God wanted us to go out for breakfast before mass.  So we bundled up and were on our way.

We found these gingerbread houses in the window at Baker and Spice

Love them!

(That’s the St John’s Bridge)

(and the White Stag sign)

Edible Portland landmarks


The breakfast came with warm baguette slices, butter, and jam. This was mommy-quality jam.

I had an omelet with greens, roast chicken, ricotta, and sundried tomatoes.

I was more than a little in love with the chicken and greens.  The omelet was way too much to finish, but you better believe I picked out every last bit of greens.

Do you make gingerbread houses?  Baby brother is quite sure he and I should make one.  But last year we made a halloween one, and it looked like this

So I’m not sold on the idea.


10 responses to “Happy Hillsdale

  1. I am completely sold on the idea. Make a blog post or a video post with you and baby brother making the house. hahaha/

  2. Yes, I vote for a gingerbread house tutorial with lots of baby brother commentary. I love the idea of gingerbread houses, but they have always been too much work to do- my main problem, actually!

    I love being able to walk to places from home too!

  3. I convinced myself I was going to make a gingerbread house this year after seeing some awesome ones at a Christmas festival, but I lost the drive. You and BB should definitely make one and document it for us.

  4. We are going to make one today with our 2 1/2 year old nephew!!

  5. Halloween gingerbread house?! That rocks.

    Umm, I do like the taste of the back of a stamp… I am yet to eat one though.

  6. i wish i lived in a city where I could walk to places. that halloween gingerbread house looks ahwsome. BTW I am convinced you get paid by baker and spice. I wanna go more and more with each post!

  7. That breakfast looks delicious. Are those home fries? I haven’t had those in ages

  8. Go for the gingerbread house! I love the ghost in the window of your Halloween one 🙂

    My husband and I really want to live in a more walkable city! I gained a ton of weight moving here from my college town because of the lack of walking/public transit 😦 So lame!

  9. the ginger bread house was only messed up cuz the kit came broken! i swear we did a christmas one onetime that came out perfect!

  10. i’m way behind on blogs, but i thought i’d give you a shout out on this one… i like three square and i like your ‘hood, BUT are the head-sized margaritas at casa colima??? b/c i cannot stand that place! i got sick there on cinco de mayo, but if you’re just goin for Rita… i’m down with that!

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