It’s been days!

Hey there friends!

I am on not enough sleep, and I’m riding on an aspirin high for a few more minutes that’s helping me deny that I have a hangover.  So we’re going to bust this post out before I admit defeat to my excessive drinking last night.

Been doing lots since we last talked!  Our fence posts are up, which puts us that much closer to our doggie!

I should note, while the men worked on the fence, I tended to babies.  It was freezing outside.  Inside there was warmth and cookies.  I’m all about traditional gender roles when they get me out of doing things I dislike.  (Things that I allow to be called men’s work include:  mowing the lawn, climbing on ladders, and doing the dishes.  My gender binary is flawless)

Yesterday, I learned the kids good.

One of them, upon meeting me, said “my dad likes to drink beer when he drives.  But then the cops came”

Nice to meet you too buddy.

I managed a decent lunch

Hummus with pretzel crisps and carrots, orange, kiwi

I’ve also been cooking up a storm

Yeah, my kitchen is a disaster.  It was our friend’s birthday last night, and I made his cake.

He was turning 30.  Old old old.

He acts like he’s still an undergrad though.  He pointed out to me that my fiance is far far older, despite being 4 years younger.  It’s true.

The fiance was born an old man I think.

The cake had three layers with a dark chocolate ganache in between, and buttercream frosting.  The chocolate and buttercream were the birthday boy.  The ganache was me trying to find ways to add even more sugar.  There were 4 layers, but one decided it didn’t want to live.

So now it lives in my tummy.

Here’s a terrible cell phone picture of our meal

Had chicken with rice beans and corn, salad, quinoa with greens, and sweet potatoes.

Now I’ve gotta go shake the fiance awake… I’ve been up for hours!

What time do you wake up on the weekends?  I’m an early early riser.  It’s not fun.


8 responses to “It’s been days!

  1. I’m an early bird on weekends AND weekdays.

  2. I get up at 8:30. I’d probably get up at 6:30 to run if I could but I’m not at campus and even on the campus the gym wouldn’t open until 9. boo.

  3. I got up at 9:30 today! That’s super late for me. Usually I’m up at 7am. It’s quite boring but I can’t sleep in most days.

    Doing the dishes is totally a man’s job. I agree wholeheartedly.

  4. I have trouble sleeping in on the weekends … it seems like when I can sleep in … my body doesn’t want to. I usually get up around 9.

  5. I can never sleep in. It is such a pain!

  6. I am a champion sleeper-inner. Depending on the weekend, I get up any time between 9 and noon. Once it was 1 – that was a champion hangover.

  7. it looks like had a good time =) I would love some cake =)

  8. chocolate ganache! DAMN GIRL! You weren’t kididng when you said there waas a layer missing. 🙂 BTW love the balance of the healthy meal and the cake!

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