i’m alive…

we spent all day building a fence yesterday, and now i’m off to go learn some kindergarteners good!

normal blogging back sometime soon


6 responses to “i’m alive…

  1. i do not like being desserted…mmm…dessertss…

    • desserts are mostly what i’ve been doing… made a cake last night, frosted it today. it was supposed ot have 4 layers. instead it has three.

      no idea why there’s one missing. or why there’s a plate full of crumbs on the table. no idea at all.

  2. LOL at “learning” the kids.


  3. LOL I hope they got really learned. 🙂

  4. lol. I’m glad you’re alive and kicking.
    You can never learn kindergartners…they are weirdos.

  5. Your power is back by now, right?

    Good luck with those kindergarteners!

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