Sprinkles for Lunch

We made our cookies!

Helpful hint-if you make all the cookies trees, and make only green frosting two things happen:

1.  You don’t have to play “and what color should we make THIS cookie?” for hours on end

2.  The cookies end up more or less looking like trees.

And, amazingly, it took 11 cookies before my toddler friend figured out this

You can eat while you decorate!


Sprinkles in mouth, sprinkles on cookie, sprinkles in mouth, sprinkles on cookie

Some cookies were minimalistic

Most were not

And tomorrow she’ll be over at my house while her daddy helps build our fence.  Lots of small people in my life.  Lots.

Do you eat sprinkles?  I’ve known people to eat them plain.  I think they taste like wax.  But cookies look pretty with them!

7 responses to “Sprinkles for Lunch

  1. Once or twice, when there was no other chocolate or chocolate-like substance in sight, I have been known to eat plain chocolate sprinkles. They’re gross, but sometimes you’ve got to make do.

  2. I like sprinkles, but only on cookies!

  3. I’m not a sprinkles eater. I think they are disgusting. Pretty though!

    I love decorating christmas cookies.

  4. Super cute! I only use them as toppings! Ice cream!

  5. I hate sprinkles. They are too cutesy and cheeky and too goddamn colorful. lol!

  6. Sprinkles TOTALLY taste like wax!!! But they do look pretty on cookies 🙂

  7. Cute 🙂

    I only like sprinkles on sugar cookies- and preferably the round ones instead of the long ones… (eww, TWSS?)

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