My old roommate was here yesterday afternoon.

Hadn’t seen her in MONTHS!

I looked like crap, so rather than us yesterday, here’s us at Kenny Chesney a while back.  It’s better, cause we have cowboy hats

I should get bangs again.

Anyways, I took her to Baker & Spice, because there’s very little we like more than carbs and coffee.

Well, we like pretty drinks and carbs more.  But I had to get in a car in not too long, so face sized margaritas were out.

Pretty coffee

And flatbread with pesto and all sorts of goodness

I’m really sad we didn’t take pictures of this, but we walked through the co-op grocery and there were ONLY Hanukkahs decorations.  No trees, no Santa, no Jesus.  I’d been trying to explain to her how she should move back, because she can come live with me (the fiance would LOVE that) and find a nice Jewish husband (she’s Jewish), and she didn’t believe me that SW Portland has a large Jewish population.

The dreidle garland did a nice job of proving my point.

When we lived together we had a blue and white christmas tree.  It was our compromise.

For dinner the fiance asked for Mac and Cheese.  I’m a good wifey, so I obliged.

He, btw, did not believe me that there was cheddar in this because it wasn’t bright orange like the stuff from a box.  Silly boy.

We made cookie dough together.  The fiance was most helpful at the licking

Oh god.  That sounds super dirty doesn’t it.

I meant licking these

I almost erased the unintentional dirtiness.  But I was going to change it to “licking the batter”.

I think that’s worse.


I need more sleep.

I baked the cookies this morning

I am going to go over and babysit my cousin’s 2 year old, and decorate with her.

I’m not sure if frosting and a 2 year old are good combo.  But I’m not her mom, so it’s ok.

But, you know, for quality control, I had to make sure they were good

I know what you’re thinking.

“cookies for breakfast?! Why Kalin….”

Don’t worry guys, don’t worry

Cookies AND coffee.  Breakfast of champions.


12 responses to “Holidays

  1. You can’t beat cookies for bfast!

  2. I would have loved to see photos of the decoations they sound great.

    Nothing wrong with cookies for breakfast, especially during the holidays!

  3. My sweetie’s father used to tell him cookies were a perfectly acceptable breakfast, because they had all the same things pancakes do: flour, sugar, butter, leavening and milk. Sweetie still has a hard time understanding that the /proportions/ of those things to each other makes a difference….

  4. I don’t see anything wrong with cookies and coffee for breakfast.
    I agree though, there’s nothing quite like a margarita the size of your head. When hubs and I were dating we met a bunch of his friends in Manhattan (my first time meeting them) and I asked the waitress for a margarita big enough to baptize a child in. It was the best impression on his friends surprisingly. Plus, I got a huge margarita so it was all around awesome!

  5. Lulu had icing for breakfast. Granted, it was leftover from the vegan cinnamon rolls I made on Sunday and it was only a few bites, but it was icing none the less.

  6. your cookies are soo precious! so festive!! yay christmas!

  7. AWWW it sounds like you had a great time! You have inspired me to make cookies with my niece for the holidays =) …she and I, thank you lol

  8. unintentional dirtiness=all kinds of RIGHT. btw did your fiance REALLY not believe there was cheese in it? HAHAHA.

  9. love the breakfast 🙂 I may need to try the cookie + coffee combo.

  10. those are cowGIRL hats. not cowboy hats.

  11. That mac and cheese looks SO creamy!! How do you make it?

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