Still here

You’ll never guess what happened yesterday….

Our power went out AGAIN!

and the lack of power put me behind on things like dishes, laundry, and cooking.  (I’d say it put me behind on showering, but who am I kidding there)…. and I just didn’t get to blogging.

Plus I was PMSing like a mofo, so my blog would have been

“realized no power meant no leftover pizza for breakfast.


Got starbucks.

Called the fiance and yelled at him.


Called the fiance to tell him how I love him so so much.


Ate chips.


But I’ve been doing lots since we last talked!  (Besides crying and eating chips.  But I’ve got lots of that in too)

We went to Laurelwood on Saturday night

Love love love

And Baker & Spice on Sunday when our power was out

Plus, last night I made white chili out of some of that giant turkey

Served with lots of these

Now I’m just waiting for someone from the Energy Trust to show up.  We’re getting an energy audit .  I’m excited to explain to them how we’re so sustainable sometimes we just go without power ALL DAY.

I’m curious to see what they’ll say about our house.  The one thing I always see to use less energy is to turn your thermostat down.  Ours is set at 63.   So I’m guessing we won’t hear that…

What’s your thermostat set at?


16 responses to “Still here

  1. Mmmm…chili! That looks really good and toasty!

    It’s been crazy cold here in the SF Bay Area- it SNOWED yesterday and hasn’t snowed since 1998! We keep the thermostat low for my always hot and ‘frugal’ significant other. I had it cranked to activate if it dipped below 60 and it did. Scary!

  2. That stinks abt the power 😦 I cry soooo much when I PMS thankfully the boy deals with it well.

  3. When I’m at home, I take no shame in turning up the thermostat to 70-75. And that’s with a space heater going

  4. Been wondering where the heck you’ve been!! Mine is set at 68. I hate being hot. Sometimes I ever turn it off completely. I’m a bad ass.

  5. That is really awful about your power!

    My thermostat is set at 73 right now. I hate being cold!

  6. Ours is at 66. Any colder and I’d freeze to death.

  7. WTF!!!! What is going on? I would have cried too. PMS + no electricity + no leftover pizza = someone will die.

  8. I’m sorry to hear that your power is still out! I would have cried too if I didn’t get to shower for (seriously) and if it was freezing like it is now 😦 But the chili and pizza look amazing, especially for this crazy cold weather! I hope it gets fixed pronto!

  9. 70 is the magic number. i absolutely despise being cold..pretty lame i live on the coldest part of the state.

  10. Ahhhh I am sorry your power went out again and that you cried so much today 😦 I don’t know what our thermostat is set at, but it is not warm enough!! I am freezing my butt off as I type this!

  11. ours is set at 74. But we live in Southern California. It rarely gets cold here! We have never turned our heat on. The air conditioning is another story though.

  12. Oh no! You could have called and cried to me! Our thermostat is set at a tropical 72 all year round. But with kiddos, I like them to be warm.

  13. Mine is set at 72. I have a little one and his room gets soooo cold if I don’t keep it at that temp. That’s the temp year round though. Even in the summer. And I live is southern TX.

  14. I have no idea what our thermostat is set at, because it’s 40 years old and doesn’t give you that information. It’s pretty much set at “just warm enough to keep the cat from freezing at night.” I can’t wait until we actually own property….

  15. oh no! I hope today is better 🙂

    Ours is usually between 68-70, I think?

  16. yums that chili looks good!

    Good luck with the power!

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