Baby it’s COLD outside!

So, this morning, we were getting out of bed and ready for church, when we heard the printer make a noise.  Weird, but whatevs.

Then we heard a boom.

We went to the front to see if we could see anything…. and realized the power was out (so we’re guessing there was a power surge first that made the printer restart)

We figured we might as well go out to get breakfast, then go to church.

On our way, we saw a tree down and a crew working.  So, we were all set for it to be back again soon.

That was at 8:30.

We still don’t have power.

Good news is that our house stayed pretty warm all day.

When it started getting dark and chilly we headed out to Laughing Planet.

I have this for dinner

Soylent Green!  It’s tempeh, swiss chard, shitake barley quinoa pilaf, and broccoli.  Amazing.

Plus I have this in hand

In addition to supplying us with necessities for life (food, microbrews, and wifi) Laughing Planet is being awesome and letting us use an outlet to charge our phones.

Life could be a whole lot worse.

Like if we still don’t have power all night.  When the low hits 23.

Here’s hoping when Laughing Planet kicks us out we’ll go home to some lights!  And HEAT!


10 responses to “Baby it’s COLD outside!

  1. I need heat atm 😦 Dumb dorms

  2. That is the worse to lose power in the winter. Hope that it comes back soon.

  3. I’m told beer keeps you warm. Or you could always burn books written by defeated VP candidates 🙂

  4. Can you have your own tv show? I seriously think everything that happens to you is way to0 out there and hilarious. hahah. I want some laughing planet!

  5. I totally agree with Diana! lol

  6. stay warm girl!! and keep drinking, taht will surley warm you up 🙂

  7. Laughing Planet sounds awesome, haha! I need to find one like that around here.

    I hope the power comes back soon! Then again, it’s a good excuse to stay at Laughing Planet longer 😉

  8. I hope you got power back. Good thing you were able to find shelter.

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