Not Kidding

So, last night, after all that indulging at the brew fest, what did I make for dinner?

The fiance tried to suggest fast food.  I reminded him of the time I was too lazy to cook, we had Burger King, and God reminded me that’s a terrible dinner by giving me food poisoning.

No, we had this

Not kidding.

That’s a 13 pound turkey.

In college I would cool MEALS when I was drunk.  Other people were having Pita Pit, I was making mashed potatoes.  I had a friend who would purposely stumble home with me just for the food.

(I bought this baby before thanksgiving cause it was like… almost free with my groceries.  I can’t say no to a deal.  So this week I put it in the fridge to thaw, and figured I’d find a day where I felt up to making it.)

Yeah, it was like Thanksgiving

I’m the best person to imbibe with, as if you say “Hey Kalin, will you cook us something to eat” you will get dinner.   Or a cake made from scratch.

We didn’t actually get to eating till like 10:30.  Alcohol does not make me a better housewife.

Oh and in other “excessive amounts of meat” news we just did this

Know how the grocery store will have meat that’s reduced for quick sale?  There was a 7 pound ham there.  I asked the fiance “do we need 7 pounds of ham?” and he said “I don’t see any reason not to buy it”

So we did.  He’s getting ham sandwiches in his lunches for the rest of his life now.  (We sliced it, then put it in the freezer.  I tried to tell him this was God telling us to buy those sweet deli counter slicers.  God apparently talks to me a lot more than the fiance, cause the fiance didn’t agree)

This morning I made vegan pancakes.  With bacon on the side.

Not kidding.

Now I need to go find something to cook for dinner.

I’m guessing it’d be smart to cook up some ham or turkey….


8 responses to “Not Kidding

  1. This post had me cracking up. You cook when you are drunk? I do nothing productive at all! I can’t put one foot in front of the other and think I’m totally hawt when I drink.

  2. Hahaha! You are impressive!!!

  3. Ha you have an overload of Turkey, Ham, AND Garlic lol

  4. i decided to throw away my ham yesterday. It’s too much! I also don’t know any orphan obese 55 year olds so I couldn’t donate it. BTW at least you ate a thanksgiving meal YOU wanted this time.

  5. Ooh, those green beans and potatoes look scrumptious. Yeah–someone shows me a picture of an enormous roasted turkey and I comment on the green beans. My priorities need work.

  6. I need to move to Portland and get drunk with you. I’ve decided.

  7. I absolutely LOVE ham! That is such a good idea to slice it up and freeze it! I am going to do that.

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