Good Times, Poor Choices

Yesterday, I chowed through this for breakfast

Then went off to teach.  I got home, showered, and then the fiance came home early.

So we decided to hit up the brew fest downtown.

Notice how we’re missing the “here’s what my lunch was” photo?

I had an orange?

Yeah.  And then went drinking.

See how this is going to get bad?

It’s in the square downtown, but all enclosed.

Which means it’s warm.  But it’s also LOUD.


Lots of it

I was kinda hugging this one as it was supposed to be a 4 ounce taste, and instead was an 8 ounce taste.  At the time this seemed AWESOME.

Life lessons btw:  most winter ales have a much higher alcohol content.  We’re talking 8-9% instead of 4-5%

And remember how I hadn’t eaten lunch.  Whoops.

Oh but I did find this!

You could give them one of our tasting tickets and you got a chunk of cheese.  It was the funniest thing in the world to me.  Like, the whole world.

Although, to be fair, it is kinda awesome.

We had enough drinks to where we loved each other a lot

And then we went to the mall.  Cause shopping is more fun with a buzz.


I was very amused.

Then we got Moonstruck treats

Chocolate snow bunny!  So yummy!  I adore Moonstruck.  We used to live by one, and the fiance knew if I was in a bad mood getting me their mexican hot chocolate would probably fix things.

Also while at the mall I managed to send Mama Pea a really good email.   She was impressed, right mama?

And life lessons:  when you don’t eat lunch and drink, you don’t have dinner till 10 pm.  But I’ll write about that later, cause it’s time to go Christmas shopping!

Have you started holiday shopping yet?


7 responses to “Good Times, Poor Choices

  1. I do all my holiday shopping a year in advance – avoid the crowds 😉

  2. Karaoke happened last night. Bad choices from start to finish for me. 😉

    I’ve gotten a few presents, but I have lots of xmas shopping left to do. I think it’ll mostly happen online because I can’t take the crowds.

  3. I am just impressed you were able to find a computer & Internet access, while drunk no less! Made my night!!!!

  4. I haven’t started shopping yet – and that is so NOT like me!!! I can’t wait to get out there and start!

  5. Andy and I are going to attempt Christmas shopping today. Maybe we should get drunk beforehand. I am jealous of your beer fest times.

  6. That sounds fun! BTW not eating but drinking=cheap date. haha. BTW I want a litttle edible mouse.

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