It’s WAR

So, it seems today is the Civil War (Oregon State Vs University of Oregon)

Didn’t realize that till yesterday.   The fiance didn’t either, and he likes football.

I think sometimes the fact that we’re from out of state shows.

So we had this

with dinner.

Pasta (with browned cheese!) and roasted garlic green beans

The sauce was yummmmmy.  If you put meat (we usually do ground turkey) in your pasta sauce, cooking it with tasting things makes it 10 times better

I do it with garlic, onions, and a little oil.  Plus some red pepper.

We had beer with the game

I honestly don’t know the last time I had beer from a can.

And, Oregon won the game.

(Did you know if you just say “Oregon” it means University of Oregon?  The fiance said he wanted Oregon to win, and I thought he was being sarcastic.  Turns out, not so much.)

I’m hoping this doesn’t mean facebook will be solid I love my ducks until the Rose Bowl

Because really, I’m just kinda indifferent about my ducks.

Your state football rivalry-do you care?  I always am confused about why everyone is in collegiate gear when the game comes.  I don’t keep up on this stuff.


10 responses to “It’s WAR

  1. I was watching that game last night! it was a good one, but I didn’t make it until the end.

    our state rivalry doesn’t seem as big as the Oregon one – those fans were nuts!

  2. our football team sux and so does the program and so i just cheer for other schools…like OREGON STATE! Our poor beavs lost. They put in a good fight. I also cheer for OSu because hubbs used to go there. He’s always a Beaver before a Cougar.

  3. There is a HUGE rivalry where I’m from. University of Kansas vs. Kansas State (blech). It only matters to me in basketball though. I’m biased. That, and we’re not good in football :).

  4. I am not a huge fan of football but I do love boys that play lol

    yums your din din looks muy bueno

  5. I’m not a big football fan at all. USC vs UCLA is big here but I choose to not participate in the madness.

  6. Did you hear the story about the kids that made that video? If so, you can skip reading this, but I guess the bookstore offered them $2 a shirt if they agreed to sell their “I Love My Ducks” shirts in the bookstores exclusively. They sold 14,000 shirts and are ordering more. That’s 28K for a couple of college kids!!! And I guess they have a meeting with Nike this morning.

    Maybe you and baby bro should make a “I Love my Sarah Palin” video!

  7. I went to a commuter school and I don’t even think we had a football team! I do appreciate people being passionate about their sports- I’m pretty passionate about my wine and stuff.

  8. I am a conscientious objector to football. And baseball. And basically all organized sports. 😉

  9. I probably should care about the football game, since I currently go to one of the universities…but no 🙂 I’m not a football fan. But I know when we win because everybody else goes craaaazy!

    The pasta and green bean dish sounds amazing and perfect for any game (I’d probably be more absorbed in the food 😉 )

  10. Mmmm, browned cheese … I want you.

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