Sometimes I get one thing stuck in my head, and dinner gets made around it.

Last night, I was stuck on the hummus I had made.  So I cooked up some chicken and couscous, and made this plate of veggies

Add in some toasted pitas?


I eat a lot.  But I rarely eat till it pains me.

Last night, I was loving dinner so much I didn’t realize I should be done till the fiance (who is almost a full foot taller than me, and therefore can eat a lot more) said he was stuffed, and I was trying to get another helping.


Worth it.

Today I taught over at the private school I sub at.  Was kinda spacy on the whole “making breakfast” part of the morning and ended up with this

Breakfast of champions?  And I found almonds in my bag (I use the same bag every time I sub, and keep important things like aspirin, snacks, and stickers in it.  They alllll come in handy)

When I got home (I was only there till 12:30ish) I made… Well, I have no idea quite what it is.  It’s food, in a bowl.

From bottom to top it was spinach, couscous, green beans, olives, and parm.

Whatever it was, it was tasty.

The green beans btw are from a giant costco bag-they sell 5 lb bags of frozen organic veggies for 5.99 there.  Which is a better price than good frozen green beans would cost, regardless of if you care about organic or not.

And, you know, I may have had one or two of these

Question:  So, last night I felt super compelled to heat up the pitas for dinner, so that it was a warm dinner, I think cause in my head warm food = dinner.  Cold food feels more like lunch.  Is this a weird me thing, or does anyone else feel that way too?


14 responses to “Hummusssss

  1. I always like my food hot. But I think cold is more tolerable for lunch

  2. I’m the same. Cold food = lunch. Warm = dinner. 🙂

  3. I love those organic veggies at Costco! I used to go through a bag a week all on myself. Whoops!

  4. I agree. Lunches are cold, dinners are hot.

  5. I am the same way. I don’t feel satisfied unless I have a warm dinner!

  6. if I have one “taste” in my mind…I’ll eat it over and over again till I’m sick. It’s like a bad song that I need to hear over and over again till I get sick of it…ala Miley’s “party in the usa”.

  7. Yep, cold = lunch. I think that’s because I associate warm food with my kitchen (and not the office microwave) so on weekends I try and eat a warm-ish lunch for a change. Oh the exciting life I live.

  8. i prefer hot food. cold food just doesnt seem right for dinner or lunch.

  9. ❤ costco! and yes! I am the same way- dinner has to be warm!

  10. I totally agree … I like hot food at dinner … and actually, I prefer it at lunch too.

  11. haha! I totally understand what you mean! That’s why I can’t ever have cold vegetables (salad) for dinner…it HAS to be hot…and I like sandwiches for lunch with salad, but for dinner, I like things like hot oats!

  12. totally agree! I usually have cold things like salad, wrap etc at lunch time, rarely I heat up pasta or have anything ‘hot’ i think justmentally hot meals are for dinner!

    its so funny that I am jsut reading the other responses and so many others agree!

  13. I’m sooo going to Costco this weekend to check that out–never realized!

    I’m so weird HAHA I love cold food!

  14. I’m the same with the cold hot food.

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