I HAD to!

So, garlic soup had not even occurred to me.  I love all of you guys.  I’m going to have to do that.

I used some of the garlic to make myself some hummus.

Making the hummus I discovered that my Tahini, which seemed like a life supply when I bought it a few months ago, has gotten pretty low

Too bad you can’t make a tasting plate in a jar with your empty tahini.

I made a tasting plate… in a bowl!

Toasted killer bread, ‘maters, pickles, and carrots.  Love it.

Btw if you wanna add some kick to your hummus raw garlic does wonders.  Both for flavor and your breath.  It makes it spicy (it’s gotta be whole, fresh shiz.  Not a jar or stuff or powder).

Earlier today I tried to refill my flour container.  And awesomely managed to dump half a bag of whole wheat PASTRY flour into the container before I realized what I was doing.

Normally I buy the pastry from the bulk bins to keep this from happening.  But I had grabbed the wrong flour at the store last time and came home with a 5 lb bag of pastry rather than normal.  I’m not smart.

Clearly, I should use up the flour in the container so I don’t try and make bread with it or something.

Basically, long story short, I HAD to make some cookies.

If you make them with whole wheat pastry flour they’re good for you.  It’s like how all vegan baked goods are healthy.

I had plans to make snickerdoodles, but realized I was out of cream of tarter.  I picked a different recipe and realized halfway through it ALSO called for cream of tarter.

Have I ever mentioned I graduated college at 20?  With honors?

It really shows in my daily life.

These are just basic no roll sugar cookies.  But see, they’re CHRISTMAS ones cause of the sugar.  I learned last year, you can’t just use read and green sugar.  You get uglllly cookies.  Add some white too.

Know how the more colors you eat the more balanced your meal is?  These cookies are a superfood basically.

Whole grains, multiple colors

I feel healthier already!

Have you started holiday baking yet?

Going to make truffles sometimes soon.  Mmmm truffles.

9 responses to “I HAD to!

  1. I’m making christmas cookies this weekend I think–can’t wait!

  2. Haven’t started baking yet. I would eat it all.

  3. love the Christmas cookies – and yes, more colors = more nutritious, no matter what it is 🙂

  4. I want truffles. Man, all that healthy baking must be tiring.

  5. I baked tonight!!! I have never baked with whole wheat flour before – crazy hey!!

  6. you’re making me truffles?! cool!

  7. Those look super healthy! I start baking this weekend.

  8. “If you make them with whole wheat pastry flour they’re good for you. It’s like how all vegan baked goods are healthy”

    HAHA I love this! I need to steal some of your recipes…I want to make some Christmas cookies for my niece…

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