Garlic garlic garlic

I love that you guys don’t think eating nuggets for breakfast is the weirdest thing ever.  Cause the fiance does.  He’s finally gotten to the point where he just goes “ok” instead of “you’re kidding right?” when I tell him I ate nuggets (or salad, or rice, or whatever other non breakfast food I had) at 8 am.

Yesterday I accidentally bought 3 pounds of garlic at costco

I should not be allowed to shop on my own some days.

I realized I needed a way to justify purchasing such an insane amount, so I roasted up 9 heads (note:  that bag is how full 3 pounds of garlic looks AFTER you remove 9 heads) and made a dinner where the theme was “let’s put roasted garlic on everything!”

chicken (fried up with garlic), beans (partially smooshed with garlic), and spinach (with lots of garlic)

I was a little in love with the spinach

The fiance doesn’t adore spinach like I do, but he doesn’t hate it… So I rarely make cooked spinach, and save it for when it sounds reallllly good to me.  That way he doesn’t get sick of it.

We had bed dinner too.  I had some cheese and crackers

We were supposed to share this

But to the fiance “sharing” means I got three bites and he ate the entire rest of the pint.

He’s not big on serving sizes.

I came pretty close to having chicken nuggets with roasted garlic for breakfast.  But I held it in and made pancakes instead

Vegan pancakes actually!  Mostly because the only milk I had was soy.  But i’m pretty sure that vegan = healthy (it’s what I tell myself when I buy the vegan cookies at whole foods) so this was like… having apples for breakfast.  Sugary, carby apples.

Ok, so help me out…. What should I make with my 3 pounds of garlic?


13 responses to “Garlic garlic garlic

  1. I buy garlic in that amount, too. The minute I saw it, I was going to tell you to roast it, but darn you already did. Isn’t there like a 10 clove garlic soup or something? Google

  2. There is some recipe for chicken with 40 cloves of garlic or something like that. Like Jessica said, Google!

  3. 40 clove of garlic chicken! 🙂

    homemade pasta sauce.

    garlic bread.

  4. HAHA I heart garlic and heart it on spinach too =)

    Can’t you make pasta with it??? Or use it to cook veggies…yums

    nuggets for bfast? I am all over that ha

  5. I love garlic! I could add it to anything and everything

  6. I had pickled garlic this weekend and it was amazing!

  7. Pesto!!!

    And yeah, my hubby doesn’t share those ice cream pints either. Piggy he is.

  8. Love love love half baked fro yo! I don’t share those pints either. 😉

    Spanish-style garlic soup is lovely. Can you freeze garlic and use it later?

  9. I can smell the garlic from here.

  10. Garlic mashed potatoes! Garlic bread. roasted garlic with pasta.

  11. I love the idea of “bed dinner.”
    In China people eat the same thing for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So maybe you’re just living in the wrong culture.

  12. So with all this garlic…does that mean this is your birth control for now? BTW enjoy the froyo…it’s froyo…it’s healthy. muaha. make garlic NAAN.

  13. Mmmm, garlic everything sounds perfect!!

    I used to always eat non-breakfast foods for breakfast … until I started my blog. For some reason my blog made me enjoy breakfast foods more than I used to. Magic blog.

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