Our first day back (that’d be yesterday friends) we were lacking in food to eat… But I managed to scrounge this up before I went to babysit

Added to some whole wheat pasta with parm?  Totally a meal.

The Green Giant boxes of mixed veggies aren’t too expensive when you pair together a coupon and a sale (which, um, I do, cause I’m cool like that) and I love this mix-a solid amount of protein and a nice variety of veggies

I got my first teaching paycheck last night (and my second today!) so we went out to dinner as the fiance felt we should celebrate.

I wasn’t going to argue.

I saw this on the menu,

and I’m a 8 year old boy, so I thought it was hilarious and had to have some.  We got our golden sac with won tons, spring rolls, and shrimp.  So not healthy.

But I had curry that was broth, veggies, and chicken, so it all kinda balances out.

They brought this bizarre but amazing thing with our check.

I think it was tapioca, coconut milk, and corn?  Super weird but I loved it.

And today has been an exercise in intuitive eating.  Mostly in that I have some weird intuition.  I had chicken nuggets for breakfast.  Then a hot chocolate for a snack.  And mid day I decided I was starving for lunch.

What did I eat?



and right now I really intuitively want some chocolate.


8 responses to “Intuitive

  1. Tapioca balls are fun.
    And I think funny names is a genius food strategy.
    I like those boxed frozen veggies but when they aren’t on sale + a coupon they are pricey

  2. I completely laughed out loud at golden sac. I am also 9.

  3. love me some golden SAC. also congrats on the first paycheck! Go teachers!

  4. Popcorn for lunch!!! You wild child 😉

  5. oh wow, those are cute! I almost thought you were gonna order the pumpkin tempura though.

    Haha chicken nuggets for breakfast! You’re my hero!

  6. Did those Golden sacs pop in your mouth? They look good…tee hee. Congrats on your first paycheck! I agree with burpexcuzme..I would have gotten those pumpkin things!

  7. I would have laughed at the name too. I’ve also had chicken nuggets for breakfast. Many times. I love the look of the curry you had. Yummy! When the hubby and I go to Houston we always have to stop at a place called Buc-ees. ‘Cuz they have Beaver Nuggets. It’s a scary place. Feel free to Google it.

  8. Haha golden sac 🙂 Made me smile

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