And then home…

Sunday the fiance and I wandered through my parents yard.

It was one of the last days of November.  They still had healthy plants growing.  Good Lord.

The fiance had never seen beets growing.

I think that’s cause in Real America vegetables only come from a can.  In Surreal America you can have fresh beets from your garden in the winter.

We drove past the giant line of people waiting to see Sarah Palin (I’ll let Baby Brother tell that story) and were off down the… um…. scenic drive?

I-84, that we drive to get back to Portland, follows part of the Oregon Trail.  Every time I go on this drive I just think how PISSED I would be on the Oregon trail and going “ok!  Almost there!” and found this.  “Oh look.  I can own my own land.  Too bad it’s a wasteland”

But we didn’t get cholera.  So it’s a little better these days.

Although I am always a little sad at The Dalles that I don’t get to do that fun raft down the river part.  What a let down.

We did find a wagon though!

Where does one find a wagon full of condiments?

Charburger!  It is a little burger place a little under an hour outside of Portland.  It’s right on the Columbia River, and you can see The Bridge of the Gods from the window

The first time I took the fiance I mentioned that the logo was “a little un-pc” before I took him.

When he saw it, he told me that was the understatement of the year

Racial stereotypes + salad.  What a dinner

I had the small fish and chips too

I know the logo is all sorts of wrong, and the food is greasy like whoa, but I kinda love it there.

Do you have a place you always stop on road trips?  When we go here it’s totally the fiance indulging my whims, as there are really good places to eat in Hood River if we want a real meal, and lots of quality gas stations full of hot dogs and candy.

10 responses to “And then home…

  1. it sounds like such a fun trip! And I’m not offended even though I’m like 1/32 American Indian.

    Oregon Trail used to be my FAVORITE.

  2. lol. I want to try that place. And I definitely want to move to Oregon now.

  3. I loved playing Oregon Trail. I used to do it in elementary school whenever we were in computer lab. Somehow I always got caught 😦

  4. I wish we had a cutesy place like that to stop. I don’t think the state liquor store on the way to my aunt’s house counts

  5. I’ve never seen beets growing, either! neat! (They make me think of the Doug nicktoon without fail- nature’s candy!)

    As far as roadtrip food, whenever any member of family goes on a trip with my one aunt, she brings those icky white powdered donuts. No one even eats them anymore- but it’s like the one thing she feels compelled to bring. So now it’s a big inside joke. “Don’t forget the white powdered donuts!’ We sound like drug dealers or something.

  6. I’ve never even seen the Charburger! I imagine it’s not Pea Family friendly? I could definitely go for a wagonful of condiments, though!

  7. Racial stereotypes are all sorts of wrong…but hilarious! I can say that w/o offending anyone since I am…ETHNIC. BTW that sucks for the peeps who went through the oregon trail. Their lives will live on through the game.

  8. Yep – we definitely have places that we always stop on road trips … good old standbys that you can trust!

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