Surreal America

When we got to my parents we were informed that we had to hurry to eat lunch so we could go wine tasting.

I like my family.

We live in my type of small town.

We’re in the middle of the Columbia Valley.  If you drink wine from Washington, it’s probably grown not too far from where my parents live.

We started with Terra Blanca

It’s a pretty facility.  If I wanted to spend an extra 10 or 20 grand on my wedding I’d totally have it there.  But I’m cheap.

We got a total Christmas card picture

And headed over to Kiona.  It’s one of the oldest wineries in the area.

It’s a pretty place

And they had snacks.  Love wineries with snacks.  Cheese, chocolate, crackers, CHEESECAKE.  Love.

Then Fidelitas, which was charging a tasting fee and crowded, so we just got this picture out front

I love this picture.  I’m pouting till the fiance lets me use it as our Save the Date picture.

At this point I was enjoying the wine to the point where I was saying “instead of a reception, after our wedding we’re going wine tasting” over and over.

I still stand by that idea.

We had a big ol’ family dinner

I had a steak with sauteed mushrooms, spinach and tomatoes with garlic (SO GOOD!), salad, and a twice backed potato.

For comparisons sake, here is Baby Brother’s plate

Meat and Potatoes.  All American.

I guess that salad weighed me down, cause this happened

Whoops.  Sorry about the chair mommy.

Then monster baby helped me check email

She adored the mac book.  She also loves olives (It is one of 4 words she can say:  mama, dada, ball, and olive.  All the words you need).  And makeup brushes.  She was jonesin pretty hard for my beer too.  She’s going to be just like her auntie!

End of the weekend tomorrow

Question:  eating with family-love it or not?  I adore it because my daddy makes amazing things.  Like the spinach and tomatoes and those twice baked potatoes (they had like 4 types of cheese!).


9 responses to “Surreal America

  1. I want to go to there!!!! (said in Tina Fey as Liz Lemon voice)

    I think the wine tasting instead of a cheesy sit down meal is a great idea (from a person who had a cheesy sit down meal). Go for it! Please! And invite me!! 🙂

  2. I love eating with my family…we always have amazing food and I love spending time with them!!

  3. I think that pic is so pretty! That should def be the save the date pic =)

  4. I love eating with the family. I am related to some good cooks!

    That picture is so cute. It’s perfect for a Save the Date!

  5. I love eating with family … and other people in general. I would eat every meal with a group around a large table if I could.

  6. hahhahaha. I guess turnips don’t sound as appealing as a STEAK. I love that pic of you and your LOVAH. Use that as the save the date.

  7. Those are great pictures. I love the one you are going to use for your “save the date”. I believe that you can get the fiance to cave. Glad you made it back from KS.

  8. Aw, family wine-tasting = cool!

    I love eating with my in-laws cuz they’re adventurous. My dad, not so much…

  9. That picture is total Save the Date material!

    We made my mom take ours and it was fabulously cheesy!

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