8 responses to “vlog

  1. Funniest. video. ever.


  2. Lol “He wouldve been overcooked then”

  3. I love how you get along with your brother so well!!!! You guys are the best!!! Want to move to Saskatchewan and be BFFs? I think you should. You guys are freakin’ hilarious!!

  4. The amazing thing is, that’s the stuff you KEPT. My favorite part was when Baby Brother almost lost his pie. Oh the suspense. How were you guys feeling at mass this morning :)?

  5. Love the video. I may possibly like you and baby brother a little bit more now, OK, a lot more.

  6. Love when your brother holds up 5 fingers for 6 years of school. This was sooooo hilarious. I thought my baby brother and I were ridiculous together!

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