We’re not in Kansas anymore

We made it safely home!

A quick recap of Thanksgiving:

Jello Salads

I forgot to eat any.  Whoops.

My plate

(a baby scoop of mashed potatoes, turkey, and veggies I made for myself)

Oh if you were wondering about the veggie choices that were on the table, you could have green bean casserole (canned beans of course), creamed corn, and candied sweet potatoes)

The fiance and I had a mix of carrots, rutabegas, and sweet potatoes that had just a touch of butter plus salt and pepper, and peas.  The fiance also had a giant drumstick

I had a few sides too

Wine, beer, and bread.  The essentials.

And for dessert I had a bite of each pie with some condom lube Cool Whip on top

(and I just looked and realized that my picture of that was super blurry.  lame.  just imagine it)

And we had a good flight home, thanks to my new friend

I never used to have issues with flying but if I try and do anything besides sit quietly I feel like death lately.  Thank you pills for letting me read.

And now we’re following up our trip to real america with one to surreal america (where the tumbleweeds are radioactive, Sarah Palin celebrates Thanksgiving, and you can buy Dave’s Killer Bread at the grocery store)

I have some quality pics of what real america looks like to get up at some point, but for now we’re tossing pants on and we’re out the door!

How was your Thanksgiving?


6 responses to “We’re not in Kansas anymore

  1. For a brief moment I thought you linked me to condom lube. Wouldn’t be the first time. I’m glad you checked your sources and that you made it home safely!!!

  2. our thanskgiving was good. we may or may not have over cooked the turkey, but it was still edible.

    glad to see you survived kansas

  3. That gravy looks really good – it is super light … is it a special kind of gravy, or just regular turkey gravy?

  4. I always forget to eat jello salads, too! Weird!

  5. I get super plane sick (and car sick for that matter), so I’ll have to check that out the next time I go somewhere!

    Many people eat canned veggies, but why when the fresh is so much tastier?

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