My house!

Hope you’re having a great Thanksgiving weekend!  I’m flying back from Kansas today!

I realized two things:

1.  I haven’t shown you guys around our new house properly

2.  It’s actually clean and put away enough upstairs to show!

So, here is where I live

To make this maybe make some sense, I drew you guys a really good layout of the upstairs in paint.  It’s clearly not to scale at all.  The blueish lines show you where there are doors.  And I tried to make a sink and a stove in the kitchen!

Oh and that weird square in the office is where the hall closet is.  I didn’t feel like trying to draw in all the closets in the room. In our bedroom the closet is over the stairs, and in the office the closet is along the wall where the hall closet is.

There are things we plan to change at some point.  Like you know, upgrading our 30 dollar IKEA coffee table.  But for now it works.  And you can see our fireplace and Christmas tree!

The kitchen has a bar, and then the stove is part of the bar (it’s almost like an island, but it connects with the walls…)

Yeah, my computer is in the kitchen.  (the silver macbook in the living room is the fiance’s)

The dining area is next to there

The basket in the corner holds newspapers.  At some point we wanna upgrade that wine rack-right now it’s a rack I found for free on the curb, plus a 3 dollar yard sale table.  And it works, but at some point we could do nicer… And a new table is high on our want list-they’re just so stinkin expensive!

From the kitchen there’s a little hallwayish spot

The bathroom is a pretty standard hall bath

Funky sink.  We need to get a mirror in there still.

Then there’s the office

It also holds my closet.  I said I was being nice and giving the fiance the closet in our bedroom.

Let’s be honest-this room had a better closet.

You can see my stuff overflowing there.

Sometimes I do things like count how many tank tops I own.  It’s kinda ridiculous.

And then there is our room

With laundry that will sit there until the fiance feels bad and puts it away.

Which will be sometime next week.

Next time we’ll venture…

When, you know, it’s unpacked.

So sometime after Christmas.


7 responses to “My house!

  1. Yay pictures! I’m jealous…our tree isn’t even up yet

  2. what a great home.

    thanks for the tour.

  3. Very nice place!!! I like that sink 🙂

  4. I’m liking the kitchen open window thing going on and i love that bathroom sink!! Great fancy pants place missy!

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