Welcome to Real America

Despite seeing this in the airport

We decided it was ok to venture to Kansas.

I enjoyed airport wifi (that’d be in ipod, not an iphone, i’m not cool enough for those) and some starbucks

Good thing I had that, as I found out that there are only 3 Starbucks within 50 miles.  And they’re all darn close to 50 miles away.

The lack of Starbucks was just the first inkling that we’re not in Oregon anymore.

We’re staying at a house/hotel thingy, and this is in the bathroom

“Please do not clean guns” with the hotel towels.

There goes my plans for the week.

Also in the hotel?



We went out to eat.  I ordered a salad.

I know what you’re thinking.  You’re going “Gosh Kalin, that looks like a bowl of crutons and ranch dressing”

Don’t worry friends, there’s also iceberg lettuce in there.

The lack of microbrews is strange to us Oregonians, but the fiance was excited to find this

Don’t ever ask him how the chiefs are doing.  It’s a sore spot.  He swears they were good till he met me.

We went to a grocery store to find some Thanksgiving fixins

Inside the store?


I hope you guys are enjoying your Thanksgiving (or if you’re in Canada, not getting tooooo sick of all the thanksgiving posts that are clogging up your google reader)

We have two Jello salads on our dinner menu.

Ahh real america.

What’s one thanksgiving dish you don’t like?

I hate stuffing.  With a passion.  Although I do love making it.


10 responses to “Welcome to Real America


  2. I love everything food. I usually don’t give a sh*t about the REAL food…cause it’s all about the…DESSERTTTSSSS.

  3. OMG it does not get any more american lol

    Have a great Thanksgiving =)

  4. My husband would love that deer head. I hate anything that is a vegetable at Thanksgiving. Except mashed potatoes. Those are the best vegetable.

  5. I hate “real” cranberry sauce. From a can, please. Kansas sounds… like I thought Kansas would be haha

  6. I am dying over here, reading your post out loud to Pea Daddy. Even though I’m reliving it, your texts did not do it justice! Love you girl, happy meatloaf, jello mold day!!!

  7. Wow, lady! That is real America. I was trying to explain this to my Russian husband, who has only lived in the Bay Area his whole time here. He doesn’t understand the concept of the rest of the country!

    Hope you found something fresh in that store!

  8. Wow – I cannot get over that sign!! And that hotel!! And the salad!! Yikes!

    I pretty much like any thanksgiving dish – but the dessert is usually my least favourite – I like savoury foods better than sweet.

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  10. holy crap. The deer head? This place cannot be real.

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