baby brother’s favorite things [mdif 6]

Hi, my name is Braden, and I have a problem. It seems to be that when you smash your face into food as soon as you get it and don’t take pictures, it doesn’t give you very much to blog about. So, I am going to talk about my favorite things- all of which I can assure you are healthy, organic, and nutritious. 99% high fructose corn syrup, again, remember I have a problem a solution- eat it. (quick story time! one time Eating Machine was buying scratch tickets late at night at a trashy convenient store and exclaims “I dont have a gambling problem, I have a solution!” I learn from her)

Of course my favorite thing: starbucks. Triple Grande White Mocha. And right now Starbucks is christmasfied, which makes everything better.

(there is a chance my starbucks buddy is home from college right now, so I might be going to starbucks many times a day instead of just once. again, i call it a solution.) Another favorite: Vitamin Water. as i have said, jesus makes this stuff. therefore, it is good for you. I like drinks in general, last year in college I had to economize and get vitarain from costco- not as good. Two words: Ice Cream. I work at baskin robbins, how could i not love it. I just spend all day eating it. and making it into clowns! (i had a school assignment that asked what your 3 favorite things were, I asked my friend what they thought my favorite things were, and they said “Ice Cream, Politics, and Food” i think that sums up my loves pretty well) also at work after making the clown, i made a new best friend. one down side to working in a store that involves cold things in the winter: IT IS FREEZING! me and this heater are really hitting it off well.

I do love lots lots lots of other food, but again, having pictures of things is hard for me. Other things I LOVE: McDonalds, pie, pie, pie, salad?, olive garden, Dr. Pepper, Mnt Dew, Donuts, Jack in the Box Smoothies, Fried chicken, prime rib, and beer. and I’m sure tons of other stuff you will hear about later.

and although this is NOT food, I cant title a post as my favorite things and not include my baby.

This is Slick, but you can call him puppy. He is my amazing pet chicken. I got him 9 and a half years ago when he was 1 week old. He used to have chicken friends but they have all died in one way or another. He almost got killed by the neighbor’s dog a few years ago, he ended up at the pet emergency on oxygen and getting stitches and staying over night. (sometimes all the time, i like to pretend im a hick.) So two things, 1: i was going to ask what your fav food was, but instead, i think my fav is my starbucks, so what do you get at starbucks/for your coffee?

and 2: did you ever have a super cool or interesting pet?


6 responses to “baby brother’s favorite things [mdif 6]

  1. I always get the full of fat, garbage-laden, sugary drinks at Starbucks! White Choc Mocha is my number one. I never had a weird pet. If I did, it would have scared me away.

  2. Love the chicken as a pet!

    My starbucks order is a Grande, no foam, skinny vanilla latte.

  3. These are always amusing 🙂
    I get decaf black at Starbucks. It feels soooo good to make them brew a fresh pot
    And I had a frog that lived for years and years. It probably would still be swimming if we changed the water…

  4. You have a pet chicken and you list fried chicken as one of your favorite things. Wow. Oh, and I’m your sister’s crazy vegan friend. Nuff said.

  5. I once had a baby goose that had to live in my house for a while because the mommy left it and a chicken hatched it and wouldn’t take care of it, so we did 🙂

  6. My parents had a few chickens when I was growing up. Until the dogs ate them.

    Ummm….love white choc mochas at starbucks 🙂

    Darn it..random posts like this always make me feel like I have to respond with random comments.

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