Just a Baby’s Head

So, I should include three important facts about this thanksgiving…

1.  There was a sign up email for food.  That I repeatably told the fiance to put us on.  He didn’t.

2.  They clearly do not read here.  I haven’t met most of his family as they don’t leave rural Kansas much

3.  At Thanksgiving my plate has veggies (rutabagas, carrots and peas), turkey, and gravy.  I don’t eat stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, those sweet potatoes covered in marshmallow, green bean casserole or (this is on the menu) deer.  Given the menu I’ve seen I’ll be having…. Turkey.  And Gravy.  I’m going to at least cook some veggies cause otherwise I’ll starve.

And I’m getting all my whining out before we leave 🙂

It’s better than doing it there!

We went out for dinner last night

(anyone else noticed how we’re eating out and not eating so well lately?)

I was feeling like I should be reasonable so I got a margarita the size of a baby’s head, rather than my own. I’m loving their drinks as I can taste the tequila.  Mmm tequila.

And then I had chicken with a cream sauce and mushrooms.  Healthy I tell you.

I’m a member of the clean glass club.  Also, this gives a decent picture of glass size.

aparently one baby head sized drink makes me giggly, as I spent the drive home singing this

The fiance was thrilled.  Mostly thrilled that we live close, so it was a short musical interlude.

That was from a medium.  Pretty sure a large will have me dancing too.

We’re heading out to the airport soon, and I’ll be in Kansas tonight – Friday, then to Tri Cities Saturday and Sunday.

If you don’t hear from me or baby brother after this weekend, it’s because we were arrested for stalking Sarah Palin.


12 responses to “Just a Baby’s Head

  1. Tell them people that you need your veggies- sneak off to the store and smuggle in some veggies for roasting. It will turn their world upside down! I honestly don’t do well with having my food controlled for me either…so rebel! Hope you have a great trip!

  2. Oh yeah, deer on the holiday’s. I have some midwestern relatives that put deer in everything.
    Instead of chicken noodle soup they make deer soup. I’m not a fan.
    Veggies are always the thing I’m in charge of for the holiday. I love them and need them!

  3. Whine away! I wine all the time about my in-laws. And cook some veggies, too.

  4. Just realized I said ‘wine.’ That would be because I need to drink alot of it while with my in laws.

  5. OMG HA I loved this post…you always make me crack up

  6. BTW I think you some happiness bottles to take with you lol

  7. Awe. I go through the same thing at sweetie’s relatives’ place. They put milk in /everything/ and what they don’t they load with spices too strong for my delicate esophagus, so I pretty much end up eating turkey and dinner rolls all day.

  8. Have a safe trip! Mmmm I could for sure go for a margarita the size of my head right now!!

  9. Lol, I love how people feel the need to top sweet potatoes with marshmallows and green beans with something fried. Health goes out the window on Thanksgiving

  10. hahaa your song brought back memories. Can you please take a pic of your food then a pic of you with a pissed off look?! Thanks!

  11. You are too funny!!!!! I love that song btw 🙂 oldie but goodie!

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