In the Air

So I should be flying safely to Tulsa right now.  Fingers crossed.

(We’re flying to Tusla and driving from there to middle of nowhere Kansas)

Our first flight was at 3, and we’ll get into Tulsa around 8 pm our time (10 theirs)

And we have about 30 minutes to get from the first flight to the second.  So I packed snacks


And I’m so excited for this:

Travel sized hummus and pretzel crisps!

Now, lest you think this is going to be a “how to eat healthy on vacation” post

It’s not

Plus salty snacks

I don’t get motion sickness if I just sit and do nothing… but if I try and read or anything, I tend to not feel so awesome.  And I’d rather not go mad with boredom for 5 hours.  Salty snacks help keep me feeling ok.  I’ll get some ginger ale at the airport too.

So I’m all packed

Hope you have a great thanksgiving!

I’ve got some posts set up, and I am going to try and keep up with reading all of you guys… as much as I can at least!

Hopefull this weekend you’ll get a vlog from me and baby brother.  It’ll be super insightful if it happens!

Are you going anywhere for thanksgiving?


10 responses to “In the Air

  1. Love all the snacks! Nope, I’m sitting on my arse right here!

  2. Have a safe trip!

    Where did you find that hummus pack? That is great!

  3. I’ll miss you, babycakes! Girl date when you get back!!!

  4. A vlog! A vlog! PLease! That’d be so cool!
    I’m staying put this Thanksgiving…but I hope to have some good eats still!

    Enjoy your week!!! 😀

  5. ZOMG. I was just thinking “damn her snacks are healthy”…then I scrolled down down a bit to the “bad snacks”. Enjoy yourself and don’t come down with anything weird like h1n1/small pox from your travels

  6. YUMS I love all the snacks

    I hope you have a great time chickie!!!

  7. Hope traveling works out well! My car ride home was a very safe trip, ahaha

  8. Great idea to pack snacks for your trip. I’m always temped by all the naughty food in the airport stores!

    Hope you have safe travels!

  9. I love that scarf you have there – very stylish!

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