Sunday Night Supper

My mom would sometimes have proper Sunday dinners for us growing up.  You know, eating in the dining room, cloth napkins, a full real meal.

I’ve followed her tradition.

We began with a lovely appetizer including chilled creamy squash soup

And frites of pomme sucre

(That is probably not how you say sweet potato in French.  We’re just going with it)

Later we had a bread course

Plus broccoli

And for our main course we had miniature chicken fillets, experetly seasoned and breaded with a lovely whole grain crust

(Which also happened to be shaped like Mickey)

Plus a fine tomato compote to accompany the chicken

To set off the food we had lovely live entertainment, which enhanced the atmosphere

(MLS playoffs)

All in all a fine Sunday Supper. My mother would be proud.

Did your family do Sunday dinners when you were little?


10 responses to “Sunday Night Supper

  1. The fries look great. My sunday ‘dinner’ consisted of margaritas and fried foods.

  2. Ha your momma would be so proud! dude I had a dream with you last night..we were hanging out and having din din lol

  3. Lol. Are those really Mickey chicken fingers? awesomeness.

  4. What a gourmet dinner! Your mom would be proud. It looks delectable. I grew up having tons of Sunday dinners!

  5. HAHAHAHA. I try to “up” my home cooked dishes with fancy names but my bf always sees my lies. 😦

  6. My family’s Sunday dinners were flavorful and homecooked…by strangers. At Souplantation. And sometimes The Hot Wok.

  7. haha! Way to be traditional. Now pass me some of those fries!

  8. My mom cooked dinner every night- I can’t even imagine that!

    Yours looks like way more fun!

  9. where did you find mickey chicken nuggets?!

    i am so going to have a dino nugget- mickey nugget war!

  10. LOL – I love it!!!!!!!!! My mom always cooked a roast chicken dinner on Sundays with mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing etc. . She cooked nice meals every night, and I hope to do the same for my children one day 🙂

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