I don’t wanna!

Taught all day today!

Made myself eggnog coffee this morning

Had some toast with cream cheese, plus an unpictured apple for breakfast

And, awesomely came home from work to realize i never turned the oven off from making my toast.

One of these days I’m going to burn down the house.

I packed a lunch ahead of time, which means it was only a little pitiful

Cheese and whole grain ritz, yogurt with some agave and pumpkin pie spices, and granola.  Plus crack oranges.

We’re leaving for Thanksgiving tomorrow, and wanna know something?

So not excited.

I’ve never had thanksgiving anywhere but my parents house.  Like, NO WHERE else.  Not even down the street and still in my home town or anything.

And we’ve gotten emails from the fiance’s fam about food…. and it makes me less and less excited.

There’s Cool Whip on the menu.

And, um, deer?

And NO rutabagas

I’m kinda getting the vibe only veggies covered in stuff are being served (candied yams, green bean casserole).

I know I’m totally spoiled but I am pouting about the whole pumpkin pie being made from canned pumpkin (which, btw kids, isn’t pumpkin, it’s dickinson squash.  Google it and tell me if that looks like a pumpkin to you)

And no blackberry pie, made from berries we grew.

And I’m just bummed I’m not going out sock shopping with my family (And Sarah Palin stalking!)

And I’m getting this all out of my system now so I don’t spend the trip pouting 🙂

Anyone else wanna complain about the holidays?

Or tell me how they leave the oven on so that I feel like I’m not the only one?


11 responses to “I don’t wanna!

  1. Lol. I hope they don’t know about the blog or they’er going to feel like they let you down. I’m a little upset we’re having a cake I can’t even eat because it’s carvel and very artificial. I probably wouldn’t even eat it if it were all natural and there’s going to be soooo much other food it won’t matter so I don’t even know why it bugs me

  2. This is my first holiday that I am not cooking the food. I have no control and it is a bit frustrating. I will be thinking of you 🙂

  3. So you put eggnog in your coffee? Hmmm, I may like it that way.

  4. Oh – oh … better never tell the fiance’s family about the blog!! That is too bad – I am totally the same way. I like tradition, and when it comes to the holidays, I like things done “my” way 🙂

  5. I’m complaining because I have to spend the holidays 3 times, and twice with my husband’s family. I’m also cooking myself, which always stresses me out.

  6. You better get used to it, girl. It’s called “in-laws.” Ew.

  7. grean bean casserole? EW. tonight my class’s midterm was casserole night. it was GROSS.

    and our oven does this fun trick where every morning when mommy gets up, it magically turned on to 134 degrees sometime over night. she doesnt think its an issue that the oven magically turns on EVERY night because “it’s a low temp, it wont do any harm”

  8. ugh…canned pumpkin fails. You just proved it.

    I left the oven on a month ago and had to drive home from work on my lunch break to turn it off. I fail.

  9. that’s the “Fun” thing about holidays with the new family. You never know what they have for traditions! You should offer to make something that YOU love so you can have it 🙂

  10. that is one of my biggest fears, that I left stove, iron, or oven on! gasp

    I am not really worried about the eats for the holidays because I always go to my mom’s house =) I know the food is NOT the healthiest but it sure does taste good and she made it with love

  11. My MIL wants to have whipped cream salad (?!?!) on the Thanksgiving day menu. Guess where she’s from? Kansas. What is up with this stuff? It just doesn’t look good at all.

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