I ate too…

My weekend was not all babies (although it’s been baby heavy, I will admit)

On Friday night we hit up Laughing Planet.  I was starving to death so while we waited for food I attacked these chips and salsa

Plus read “Portland’s positive newspaper”

It was, um, really really short.

Then this beauty came out

In your head you’re going “ok, a burrito.  Not that exciting”

Look inside

Broccoli, turkey, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes.  IT IS THANKSGIVING IN A TORTILLA

Love love love

And yesterday morning while baby was doing her best to coat the diner with bits of her food I had a spinach bacon and cheese omelet

Oh so good.  I ignored the toast as it also came with

The most insanely good pancakes ever

Seriously, they’re redic.

I was full pretty much all day from breakfast.

Our trip to the Killer Bread store means we now have way too much bread.

Our loaf of 21 grain we already had, plus a loaf of spelt, a loaf of powerseed, and a messed up loaf (sprouted wheat where they forgot to add all the seeds and whatnot)

Oh, and for those of you who are already sad you don’t live in Portland and lack access to this bread… The three loaves I got only set us back about 5 bucks too!  This is a sign from God you should probably move to Portland now.

We’re having French Toast for breakfast, cause we’ve got a lifetime and a half of bread to eat through!

Question:  Does anyone actually finish their toast when they go out to breakfast?  I always feel like it’s an insane amount, and if I already have an omelet, plus the pancakes or potatoes they come with, why do I need toast too?


11 responses to “I ate too…

  1. Wow that tortilla sounds amazing!

    I usually leave the edges of the toast when I go out for breakfast =)

  2. never finish my toast unless im seriously hungry!

  3. A mexican thanksgiving has never looked so good

  4. I saw that burrito on the specials board and totally thought about getting it without the turkey 🙂 I’m glad you solved the mystery for me! Did you see the doll I look like? Did you get Gigi and Lulu germs from manhandling the dinosaurs :)?

  5. That burrito is insane!!

    I don’t even eat 1 piece of toast when I go out for breakfast – I maybe have like 2 bites. My hubby totally demolishes his toast, and usually mine though!

  6. That burrito sounds amazing!

    God breakfast places serve huge portions. I always ignore my toast!

  7. I always eat the toast. But I’m a bread ho. 😉

  8. OMG I love the Thanksgiving omelet!! So neat! And I usually finish my toast. I’m a load.

  9. OMG I think he is Hawwwwwt too lol

  10. I just CUSSED when I saw your Thanksgiving burrito…who would have thought of such DELICIOUSNESS?!? Also pancakes have heroin in it…this I am sure. I can eat them all day everyday.

  11. haha i never eat the toast. my dad usually takes it if we go out for breaky!
    Thanks giving in a burrito!? holy moses, deliciousness!!

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