We’re related

I’ll tell you guys more about my recent eats tomorrow.

But monster baby (aka my niece) was just here, and she’s cuter than me. Or my food.

She started our her morning with blueberries, yogurt, some Killer Bread, and a lollipop (that was for drumming, not eating of course unlike her auntie who had candy for breakfast)

She was unsure what to make of the camera

But, we are related, so she realized quickly that she should make faces

That’s the face that she makes when she’s surprised.  I’ve been told she does it after throwing things down the stairs. It’s also the same face I make in about 90% of pictures.  We’re related.

Baby brother has worked hard at teaching her to throw food when she’s done.  There’s yogurt on the floor I need to mop up now.

We took monster baby and her parents out to Fat City Cafe for some breakfast

She was skeptical.

But once allowed to smother herself in food be independent and feed herself, she got into it

There’s a chance I’m also happier when I don’t have to use utensils.  We won’t talk about it.

We then went to the Killer Breadquarters.  She was quite the fan.

Like me, my niece is a fan of the Good Seed

(She also shares my affinity for cardigans.  And stickers)

And she also reads her labels, just like me.

We went to Trader Joes to stock up on some basics

She and I have the same definition of “basics”.  Her parents cart was weirdly different.

I don’t know why no one thinks it’s adorable when I get distract in the store with a cart full of booze.

Sadly, after some trampoline jumping, playing with a “ba!  ba!” (That’d be a ball friends.  Took me a minute) she got back in the car with her mommy and daddy to go home.

Do you have any nieces or nephews?  (besides you baby brother.  I know you do.)


10 responses to “We’re related

  1. Aww that’s adorable(especially the wine photo). It’s making me super excited that my cousins are coming for thanksgiving.
    Btw, still jealous you live somewhere dave’s killer bread is sold

  2. I have 2 nieces and 3 nephews 🙂

    i promise.

    ps. i wanna play on the trampoline.

  4. Awwww she is such a cutie pie…I miss when homefries was that age (Hailey, my niece)

  5. i have none, unfortunately. my brothers need to find wives first before giving me some. but the boyf has one that i have adopted as my niece. she the cutest.

  6. I have pseudo-nephews and a sort of niece. My sweetie’s step-sisters have had a habit of bearing children lately. The boys are all at an impossible age with vocal chords too large for their little bodies, but the niece is the cutest thing on the planet. That is, when she’s not “combing my hair” (aka ripping chunks out of my head).

  7. Monster baby is adorable! I have one nephew who is a real nephew and I pimp on my blog. My other ‘niece’ is my cousin’s daughter, who is 14 and way taller than me and freaks me out!

  8. Those kids are TOO stinking cute!!!!!!!!! I have a nephew who will be 3 in February … he is my world!

  9. She is freaking adorable. Do you watch “flipping out” on Bravo? The guy on that show loves to make his friend’s daughter say and do inappropriate things. hilarious!

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