Friend Free Day

Hey everyone!

So, I was all set to right what I’m sure would have been an insightful and life changing post this morning…

but then my phone rang.

Who was it?  The secretary from the school where I made a friend a few weeks ago.  They had a last minute sub job, could I come in?

Here’s a little secret:  secretaries run the school.  So getting a direct call from the secretary?  That my friends is a good, good thing.

So I spent all day teaching 4th graders (with no friends!  Score!) and now I’m running around like crazy as my brother, his wife, and dear sweet monster baby are going to be here in a few hours.

I have been told that monster baby has taken to dancing on tables.  I’m excited for that.

Last night we had some sort of mexicanish soup, using the last of the pot roast

Have I told you how soup is one of my favorite things?  It really is

It had black beans, corn, tomatoes, and taco seasoning in it.  So good!

And check out the saddest lunch ever I took with me to work

Two oranges, an apple, and pumpkin bread.  What kind of lunch is that?

Sorry this is a lame post, but I need to get cleaning!  My house has things like this laying around

Doesn’t the tie + empty wine glass feel weirdly escort-y?  Especially as our room is pretty bare right now…


OH!  Best part of the day?

Totally a kid named Lolita.

Let’s share terrible names, shall we?  I’ve also met a child named Socrates.  No joke.


10 responses to “Friend Free Day

  1. Lolita, really? That’s awesome.

    glad you got to sub, and you have to get pictures of the dancing on tables 🙂

  2. oohhhh I have one for you…I was at a restaurant and a mother was calling her baby son…”Lucifer come here….Lucifer!”

  3. LOL I love the tie and empty glass. So classy. 🙂

  4. Wow – C-R-A-Z-Y names!!!!!!!!!! I once taught at a school and there was one boy named Remington, and another named Steele … and they were not related.

  5. Haha, me and my Classics majoring ways just might have to name my kid Socrates

  6. Congrats on your sub job! As a teacher myself, I do agree a secretary runs the school 🙂

    I have some pretty unique names myself in my class.

  7. LOL – when you just commented about the crazy exes I realized I didn’t remember answering that question! Turns out I missed changing that answer from the quiz that I copied and pasted into my blog. True answer is that neither of us have crazy exes because we started dating around 16 🙂

  8. I demand a longer post…and a longer tie.

  9. I knew a girl in high school named Luba. I always wished she would play the tuba, but she never did. Imagine the rhymes!

    Simple mind, yes.

  10. A rather special family had kids in my school (my grade, my brother’s grade, a year younger than my sister) named: Zig, Camper Storm, and Little.

    I also knew a woman whose son’s name was Colt — she SWEARS that she had full intentions of naming him Samuel, but woke up from the sedation after having him to find that she’d told the nurses that his name was to be Colt.

    Ahhh, hicksville, I love you.

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