I missed my friends

So, today I subbed in the class where I student taught (the looped, so it’s mostly the same kids.)

The whole Vegan Day thang sounded fun and all, but when teaching in the projects one needs coffee.  And this was the only cream-like substance in the house

Although I think it’s mostly water and chemicals. So you know, vegan-ish

I grabbed a breakfast

Clearly, not vegan.  Also, turns out that yogurt has like 60% of your daily value of saturated fat.  Awesome.  I still ate most of it.  Let’s not kid ourselves.

and went off to see my class.

This was a class with a lot of friends. And a lot of great kids to.  But still, a high amount of friends

I packed a lunch that I ate after shooing the children to lunch (The schools here serve the most disgusting pizza, that the kids LOVE on Thusdays.   I generally avoid the school lunches)

Leftover quinoa, plus oranges.  And water.

And I am TIRED.

But considering today the fiance had to present stuff to the legislature and his fiance’s boss declared the recession is over today I’m guessing my day was at least a little lower key than his.

I’d much rather teach in the projects than deal with that.

And lest you think my day was all “friends” and no fun, I planted flowers!

And while unpacking (cause lord knows we’re not done) I found$31 of winning scratch tickets!

And chocolate!

It’s all in the little things.

What was good in your day?

11 responses to “I missed my friends

  1. That’s a lot of winning scratch tickets! woohoo!
    And how smart you are to avoid the vegan thing. I miss greek yogurt 😦

  2. The best part of my day is about to get here in 5 minutes…MY NIECE! She is sleeping over so my sis can go see midnight showing of new moon!

    Wow I’m sorry you had so many “friends” today lol

  3. you planted flowers on nov. 19th in portland?

    you cRazYyY yo! =)

  4. I made some mexican food tonight. it was a good day.

  5. it’s still warm in portland? you must have your own weather bubble. jealous.

    i love finding hidden stuff, especially money. sometimes i do it on purpose, forget things in my pockets…

  6. Dinner was good today – that is one thing that was good in my day 🙂

  7. Do you like subbing? I’ve been thinking about subbing while I get my teaching credential.

    My day was ehhh. I got a callback from a school district that I would love to work with (the position is for an Instructional Assistant) I’m hoping it all turns out well!

  8. “And lest you think my day was all “friends” and no fun, I planted flowers!”

    HAHAAHA, I don’t know why, but I totally cracked up at that line!

    Good thing in my day: I made the most amazing lunch! (don’t I always? and I’m just so modest, too)

  9. My day was good because I met a hellish deadline at work. I also tried the vegan thing but accidentally ate sausage- what the hell?

  10. I enjoy that you have the same delusions as I do while I scratch those lottery tickets.

  11. I love See’s. It’s hard to find around here. I usually have to order it online, or steal it from my friend. She’s addicted to it and has a steady supply.

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