Adventures in Homeownership

Yesterday afternoon I tried to shower.  And the water would NOT get warm.

I didn’t think much of it, and scurried out of the shower, with plans to shower at night.

We had stroganoff  for dinner

With broccoli and purple cauliflower (and no mushrooms of course)

Plus salad

And I tried to shower again.


Like any adult woman would do, I called my daddy.

(I actually gave the fiance the choice of google or my daddy.  He agreed with calling the ‘rents)

We stared at this

The fiance searched for any buttons on there to make it do something.  That sucker has NOTHING you can mess with to at least make yourself feel like you’re trying to fix it.

I talked on the phone.  I’m a good helper in situations like this.

After going over stuff with my daddy, he said to call someone.  Thankfully we discovered that the hot water heater has a warranty.

But I’m teaching today, so I kinda needed to be not greasy.  And cold showers are just not my thang.  Mama pea told me on facebook that this is good practice for moherhood.  But seeing as how the fiance hasn’t, you know, married me yet I figured I ought to do what I  can to make sure it’s not single motherhood I’m preparing for.  So off we went to the community center

For a hot shower.  So worth it.

And of course, all this fun called for some of this

(pumpkin bread with pb and brown sugar on top, microwaved so it was warm.  I think this might be a weird combo, but I’ve been doing it for years)

not to mention lots of this

Now I’m about to go off and learn some kids-it’s actually the class I student taught last spring.  In the projects.  Portland has projects, who knew?

What do you do when something in your house breaks?  I swear, no matter the problem I call my parents before I do anything.  I don’t even google first.


15 responses to “Adventures in Homeownership

  1. I usually go to I’ve learned NEVER to go to webmd though or else I’ll come out convinced I’m dying

  2. OMG – I totally feel your pain. The day after we moved into our house, my grandma died. This meant we pretty much did the moving and cleaning up by ourselves. I didn’t shower for 2 days – I know, I’m disgusting. The morning of her viewing, I go to hop into the shower – we have NO WATER!!! It didn’t turn on until the next day, and I didn’t have time to shower at my parents. Homeownership is just lovely.

  3. When something breaks at my house I try and fix it. I sometimes tell the hubby and he tries to fix it. His fixing it involves getting mad at me for saying, “should I call the plumber?”, or some derivation of that. Glad you got a shower. It is never fun to be without one. And yes, it will prepare you for motherhood.

  4. ha, we always call our parents, too!

    at least you had a place to get a shower 🙂

  5. clean is always nice when you’re gonna go to work.

    i always google first, since i dont have ‘rents. but if google fails me (which is almost never) i just call my Boyf if hes not home or just leave it alone for someoneelse to find and fix on their own.

  6. I think a shower always helps when going to work, but sometimes it’s overrated!
    We still rent so I call my evil bitch of a landlady. She gives us a hard time and accuses us of harassing her when we call more than once about a problem. It’s really fabulous

  7. I always call daddy in my time of need, they know everything lol

  8. It doesn’t matter if you are married or not, your kids will probably be bastards either way 🙂

    I’m now prepared to get 8 nasty comments from people that don’t get my sense of humor.

  9. ZOMG. Hot showers are a must. I would have gone to mama pea’s house heheh.

  10. 3 cheers for the community center! i was there this morning… but not for a shower.

    as far as diagnosing, i guess i basically say call the parents (i use my brother in law who is a home improvment god).

    but when you need to “call someone” to fix and/or diagnose the problem… i highly recommend “angie’s list” – i think you pay $60 per year (or i’ll share our log in). we’ve had excellent luck b/c the contractors, plumbers, carpet dudes etc. get rated by people in the portland area that have used them, they explain the jobs that were done, for how much, whether they were satisfied etc.

    we haven’t gone wrong once…

  11. haha I totally would call my parents first too! luckily I live with them (or not so luckily) but when i move out and something breaks, yes it is a call to my parents!

    THEN i will google it 🙂 but they always point me in the right direction. my mom always seems to have the best awnsers to everything I sometimes ask her if there was a mom manual that you get when you become a mom because of the random stuff she knows! LOL

  12. I am the same way. When in doubt, call DADDY! I am 26 years old…you think I would attempt to handle things on my own now.

  13. that pumpkin bread looks AMAZING

  14. When something in my house breaks, I totally cry 🙂 Then hope my husband fixes it or calls someone to fix it. Hehe.

  15. I live by myself in my house for the past year, and I never thought that I would have to care so much about radiators or roof gutters, pilot lights or drains, etc. Oy. The joys of home ownership…

    If something goes wrong, it’s immediately dispatched to my mom and stepdad a few miles away. There are some things I can do, but others I won’t even attempt…yet.

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