Saddest news EVER

The sad news I’ll get to in a minute… Trust me, it’s really sad.

Dinner last night was yummy

Chicken with lemon pepper that I put some salsa, sour cream, and cilantro on top off

The fiance said he hadn’t ever had chicken with just lemon pepper?  I’m fairly sure chicken with lemon pepper on a salad was a food group for me for years.

(Other former food groups include diet coke, americanos with an extra shot, microwave popcorn, and popsicles.)

Plus quinoa that had cilantro, garlic, corn, and black beans.  Quinoa + cilantro is an amazing match.

Well, pretty much everything is amazing with cilantro.  Let’s not kid ourselves

And a salad

We haven’t been eating salad lately.  And I think it correlates pretty well to eating a lot more dessert.  Need to be better on that.

I’m pretty sure that we have a ghost who eats pumpkin bread, as I keep finding these plates with crumbs

And I mean, that can’t be from me, right?

Breakfast involved double fisting

Coffee + smoothie.

Yeah, a smoothie in November.  My thermostat is set at 64 degrees.  I’m in a tank top.  I’m becoming one with the cold.

(spinach, yogurt, banana, sadddd freezer burned blueberries with create a nice cement like color)

And now the sad news.

Sarah Palin is having Thanksgiving in my home town


My brothers are going to find her at Fred Meyer on black friday and buy her half priced socks and be besties AND I WILL BE IN KANSAS.

Seriously, I am sad. Not like “oh man, the store is out of crack oranges” sad

No, this is “I had a box of girl scout cookies in the fridge for a month waiting to be opened because I’d given up junk food for lent and my sister in law got PMS-y and ate the whole box and now I get no Carmel Delights for an entire year” sad

When I found out I screamed at the fiance.  He thought I was really mad.  And when he heard what the problem was he laughed.


If my brothers see Sarah Palin without me he’s going to have to buy me a ticket to Alaska.


13 responses to “Saddest news EVER

  1. I find plates with crumbs all over my house, too. Wait…actually I just find crumbs. I’m not civilized enough to use a plate.

  2. Your from Tri-shitties?! One of my Portland BFFs is from Kennewick. She keeps trying to get me to drive out there with her, but she hasn’t been successful. The appeal of a nuclear power plant just doesn’t do it for me 🙂

  3. that’s so funny 🙂

    I agree about cilantro!!! The best stuff ever.

  4. dont worry, i heard she comes here every year for thanksgiving dinner. we will see her next year.

  5. Cilantro is awesome. So yummy. I love your ghost plates. I’m sure that ghost travels around a lot. I find the same evidence at my house.

  6. Why in heaven’s name would SP go to the tri-cities? Are you into seeing her for the novelty or because you want to be BFFs? Personally I’d rather meet Tina Fey pretending to be Sarah Palin. Now THAT would be awesome.

  7. HAHA that is sad! I actually watched her on Oprah the other day…she did not annoy me that much lol

  8. LOL LOL LOL. I love reading your blog more and more. Sarah Palin needs those half-priced socks.

    also who eats someone else’s cookies? Not cool!!

  9. Funny and sad at the same time! She should stay in Alaska 😉

  10. don’t mean to sound “lez-y” but palin has amazing legs. STBY (sucks to be you)

  11. Haha, awww man, that is rotten luck. I’d totally stalk her on Thanksgiving if she were around

  12. I wish I could drink smoothies in the winter but they make me too darn cold!! Maybe I should try it like you did with coffee!

  13. Cilantro = Yummmmm!

    Anyone who says otherwise is simply wrong.

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