Lunch with Dave

I’ve amazingly been able to keep my hands off the pumpkin bread today!

The same cannot be said for the lollipops….

I had a little bit of the qunioa from last night for a snack

And then went and bought far too many of these

Unpainted wooden ornaments.  I actually went to the store to get things to make an advent wreath.  But couldn’t find purple candles.

I have full intentions of painting them.  In a month when that’s not done and my Christmas tree is still bare, let’s not bring it up, ok?

Before I can paint them I have to do some real painting!  We are making some shelves downstairs, and I want to get a coat on them.  Work before play.  Lame. It’ll be nice to get that project done though.  There those metal things you put brackets in attached to the wall down there.  But we couldn’t find brackets to fit.  So the fiance tore them off, bought new ones, and lumber to make shelves.  And when he ripped them off he ripped off some paint, so we had to repaint that.  Lots of work we were not planning on.  Super useful when we’re done, but I’m not digging on having a project to do right now.

To prepare me for my painting my buddy Dave helped me make lunch

Grilled cheese is kinda amazing, and it’s even better with killer bread-you get some texture in there, which makes it way better than the normal stuff.

Do you do anything crafty for the holidays?  I like baking.  And then eating what I baked.  And I like the idea of doing other stuff… but I usually don’t get to it.



6 responses to “Lunch with Dave

  1. I bake for the holidays. And I do the lights on the tree. But that’s about it

  2. Baking is what I’m all about, too. I am trying to decorate this year, but it just looks like Santa puked on my house.

  3. I love to bake during the holidays, but I don’t really eat much of what I bake because I don’t have a sweet tooth. I usually end up giving most of it away 🙂

  4. I don’t really do much for the holidays- I’m hoping to bust out some baking skills- maybe holiday cupcakes? I mess with recipes too much to feed them to the masses!

  5. grilled cheese is kind of my favorite thing ever. So melty, so cheesy, so right!

    Christmas is my thing, I am overly excited about it for no real reason.

  6. Grilled cheese is so damn comforting! For the holidays one time I had my girlfriends and I decorate our own ornaments. Kinda fun. 🙂

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