Whenever you want

Craziest thing, for some reason there are knives by the pumpkin bread.

And one of them has frosting.  Don’t know how that happened.

Also had some whole wheat pasta with TJ’s meatless meatballs and tomato sauce for lunch.  Yum!

There really is pasta hiding under there, I swear!

And then I worked on this

Did you know when you’re a grown up you can put up your christmas tree WHENEVER YOU WANT?!

Never occurred to me.  But my brother and his family are coming this weekend, and the tree was in the room where they’ll be staying…. Finding a new home for it when it’d go up in a few weeks seemed silly.  So I asked the fiance when we could put up the tree.

“Whenever you want to”

He then said I couldn’t put up any Thanksgiving decorations as “cornucopias are ugly” so he didn’t care if we skipped it.

Totally hadn’t occurred to me that I could do that.  I checked in with Baby Brother and my friend Ann and they said it was ok, and up the tree went!

So today I put some decorations on it.  We need a star but for now, Koala is filling in

We need more ornaments.  I got plain balls, and a couple I got on clearance after christmas last year

J and K for Josh and Kalin (aka the fiance and me)

True story:  the fiance’s last name starts with L.  So when we’re married we’ll be JKL! Sometimes we joke about giving our future children an I name, and then H, and so on… That wouldn’t be dorky or weird at ALL.

When do you start decorating for the holidays?


7 responses to “Whenever you want

  1. I’m sooooo ready to start decorating NOW–love it!

    hahah JKL…I say keep going! 🙂

  2. I’m totally ready to start now. I think I need some lights for the dorm 🙂
    And TJ’s meatballs with a TJ hotdog bun is the simplest and best meatball sub ever

  3. I always leave a knife in my cakes and breads. I just eat it constantly.

  4. When I was little everybody thought I was weird because I loved Martin Luther King Junior Day best of all the dedicated-to-great-people-days. I thought it was so awesome that the first letters of his name backwards were JKLM.

  5. I love that you have put up your tree already – I am totally doing that this week!! Can’t wait!!

  6. lol Christmas tree already? Boy someone is excited for the holidays!
    LOVE the koala bear on top! lol!

  7. hahaha I want to decorate now. And I’m like you, it never occurred to me that I could! What’s wrong with me? I think I forget that being adult means you can do whatever you like with your house. (you know like T.I. says “you can do whatever you like”)

    I’m definitely going to grab all of my Christmas stuff out of storage this week!

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