swine flu is delicious. [MDIF by the baby brother]


I swear, someday, I am going to be a fat kid. I decided I needed to go get some ice cream to make a milkshake… and I accidentally came home from the store with this: Ice cream, coke, frozen lemonade, and a dozen donuts.

Big Sister says:  that’s a fairly normal grocery trip for him.  Although there’s no starbucks… That’s different

Well the important thing is, I got my milkshake [thank you magic bullet, they need those are baskin robbins!]. So all is well with the world.

photo-56After spending last week dying with the swine, Big Sister says:  haha you’re a pigggggg I went to New York for the weekend. Eating Machine told me how I could write about my food in NY for my next post, well I didnt think to take pictures of my extremely fancy food in NY. This is what I ate though: Mcdonalds, White Castle, Dunkin Donuts [america runs on dunkin!]. Big Sister says:  it is Baby Brother’s dream to someday have a Baskin Robbins Dunkin Donuts store.  They exist.  Then he binge on donuts coffee AND ice cream while at work. I had never been to New York, my list of things to do there was: Go to McDonalds/Starbucks in Times Square, go to 5th ave. Apple store.


Big Sister says:  He put up an album on facebook of NY.  It was McDonalds, Starbucks, and the Mac store.  The boy has priorities.

So Eating Machine got food poisoning from Burger King last week, and today I was thinking about that and decided that burger king sounded really good! [yeah, food poisoning made me want burger king. oops] so for lunch i went and got some wonderful burger king.

He also got some for our mom.  And told her how he thought about my food poisoning. What a great son.”Here mommy, I got you salmonella!”

photo-53is that a slurpee with my meal? i wonder how that got there? ok so i had a slurpee, a smoothie, and my dr pepper the meal came with. again, accident. oops. my bad. And seriously, Burger King chicken fries are amazing. i would put them on my list of food jesus makes. and jesus doesnt give out food poisoning.

What is the coolest trip you have ever gone on? New York was pretty cool, except I was still sick and running around the city kind of killed me.

8 responses to “swine flu is delicious. [MDIF by the baby brother]

  1. Damn, magicbullets can make anything. I really need to get myself one

  2. The Mcd’s in Time Square is HUGE! And I love it lol.

    BR & DD combo stores are the best…I can get a donut and icecream all at once…when 2012 happens, I am going to find Shelter in one of those =) ha

  3. you could quite possibly be the 8th wonder of the wonder of the world for your food choices :)!

  4. Baby brother has it down to a science- maximum taste satisfaction. I think my favorite trip was going to Eastern Europe 2 summers ago. The McDonald’s in Moscow is pretty impressive!

  5. Too bad they don’t make Slurpee fries, or that would have been the perfect meal.

  6. Eating Machine’s lil bro,
    you eat like my own brother! You guys will get along very well. My brother probably drinks in more calories than his food itself.

  7. I love you baby brother. You are hilarious.

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