Mom Food…

When I was a kid, my mom would make this Bisquick pot pie sometimes.

And it was pretty much the best thing ever

I make my own version of it sometimes now.  And the fiance thinks it’s pretty much the best thing ever.

He’s fairly terrified of cream of chicken soup, so I do it with homemade stock instead.  Cream of chicken soup would be way easier.  He’s lucky that I love him.

I use potatoes in mine.  Because potatoes + other carbs = amazing.  And super healthy.

DSCN4610All the inside goodness.  Chicken, carrots, peas, broccoli, and potatoes.

You put bisquick on top and bake until delicious

DSCN4616I cannot remember the last time I bought bisquick.  This is about the only thing it gets used for, so it just kinda hangs out for months and months.  I’m sure that’s healthy.

Goodness on my plate

DSCN4617Happy, happy tummy.

Seriously, this is one of the best meals there is.

And now I’m chomping on a crack orange

DSCN4622While on never ending hold trying to get a perscription refilled.

Did anyone else not realize it was Friday the 13th until they read blogs today?  I am so not on top of things.


11 responses to “Mom Food…

  1. peanutbutterfingers

    pot pies are the ULTIMATE comfort food. soooo good. yours looks amazing!

  2. I sooo didn’t realize it was Friday the 13th until now! AH!

  3. I realized it was Friday the 13th when my teacher assigned a hugh jass essay for today and pointed it out…

  4. Now I want to make a veggie pot pie! I had NO CLUE it was Friday the 13th

  5. Ha you know I realized it was lol…I have a love/hate relationship with Friday the 13th lol…

    Yums that Pot Pie would be perfect today!

  6. You know, I heard the overly talkative hosts on the radio going on about “Friday the 13th” this morning on the way to work. Then I clocked in and saw “Friday, October 13” on my timesheet and thought, “Wee! It’s payday.” But I didn’t put two and one hundred together until a blogger spelled it out for me a half hour ago >.>

  7. That looks really good. I love Bisquick pot pies. I haven’t made one in a really long time, but I bet it would go over well in my house too.

  8. OH this looks incredible! Love pot pie. Homemade is even better.

  9. Ooh- I’ve never had pot pie outside of a box….and that was years ago! This looks great. I have no idea what date it is until I get to work and say ‘meh’ most of the time.

  10. YUM that looks crazy delicious. I love mom food.

  11. Sounds comforting and delicious! I think my hubby would like that too!

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