Not so Orange

Look what I found last night at Fred Meyer!

DSCN4591I microwaved a mug of it last night-yummy!  Needed some more spices but it amused me.  And it’s not that scary creamsicle color that starbucks pumpkin spice is.  (Have you ever noticed that?  There’s a weird orange tinge to it)

We had curry for dinner

DSCN4585I love curry.  This was just things we had in the house thrown together-carrots, spinach, peas, chicken, lenils, and potatoes on top of brown rice.

DSCN4587Love you curry.  Love you.

I made some brownies to go in the fiance’s lunches.  And we ate some.  You know, for quality control.  Can’t send him to work with bad brownies.

DSCN4593Box mix, with yogurt instead of oil, vanilla and walnuts added.  Lesson learned:  adding vanilla to the boxed mix makes the house smell AMAZING.

I had a second one, just to double check that they really were good.

Today I wasn’t super hungry for breakfast, and I’ve been lazing around in this lovely spot

DSCN4604We finally finished getting our fireplace together yesterday.  It’s fantastic.  And warm.

And I found a happy match made in heaven to drink

DSCN4596My mug is gross because it’s already been filled and consumed once.  Just need to add more cinnamon to this and I can sit outside starbucks and make millions off of vegans.


13 responses to “Not so Orange

  1. pumpkin spice silk?! I’m sure my store will get that in 2031 when they get pumpkin ice cream and pumpkin kisses.

  2. Nog first. now pumpkin spice, what will Silk do next? Here’s goping for gingerbread!

  3. yum. i might actually try that silk product 🙂 i’m too scared to just try soy milk! lame, I know.

  4. The orangeness at the ‘Bucks freaks me out! Heading to the store later to hunt this down!

  5. I am yet to find that Silk…sad panda

  6. I love brownies!! So much 🙂 Curry’s yummy too

  7. Mmmm curry sounds amazing right now–looks great!

  8. I just found the pumpkin spice silk at WF and got wicked excited. I didn’t buy it because I’m not a huge pumpkin latte fan, but I just love finding other blogees finds

  9. Hehehe quality control! Hahaha I love curry, I just don’t want to smell like it 😦

  10. I’ll have to look into that and make my husband steam it for me since I’m too afraid to break our coffee machine! Did you find it in a regular grocery store?

  11. Ohhh good idea putting the pumpkin silk in the microwave! That’s so one of those “why didn’t I think of that?” things 🙂

  12. Yeah – I am pretty sure the stores in my city won’t carry that pumpkin spice silk … cuz they are lame like that.

  13. Holy shizzle. Pumpkin Silkkkkkk I want in!!! Also what is the ratio of using yogurt instead of oil? Never heard of it…but….I WANT INNNN

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