Seatbelt Day

Have I ever mentioned how I can’t sleep in?

I woke up today at 5:45.  Awesome.

The fiance has the day off work (for angels and seatbelts day) so I made us breakfast.  I’ve found he wants to kill me a little less for waking him up if there’s bacon involved.


Healthy?  No.  But delicious.  And some days, that is all you need.

I left the skin on the potatoes, so that they’re full of vitamins.  I’m pretty sure this puts them on par, nutritionally, with a Green Monster.


I should also probably never become a nutritionist.

We hit up Sweden to get a pot rack for the kitchen.  And stopped for some sustenance mid-trip


(Seriously, if you go to IKEA, get food while you’re there.  Otherwise you get to the rugs and want to die because you’ve been there for 2 hours and you’re nowhere near done)

Turns out you don’t have to be a kid to get a kids meal!  Score

Penne and marinara






For $2.49.  Score.

Also, they use the bowls that I adore.

I had plans to work in the yard.

We got home just in time for it to start raining.

That, clearly, was Jesus letting me know I should play Mafia Wars instead.

(Minister should probably go in the no box for future careers too, huh?)


And, in real honor of Veteran’s Day, I thought I’d tell you about my Great Grandpa…

I come from a long line of stubborn people. On both sides of my family actually.

(I of course missed this and am perfect….)

My Great Grandpa very much wanted to be a part of the war effort when WW II hit.  He tried to enlist in Canada, and was told that he was too old.  (I’m not sure on his age, but my grandma, his daughter, was 21 when Pearl Harbor was attacked, so I’d guess he was in his 40s at least)

Now, being that he’s a part of my family, he wouldn’t take that no, and instead went down to Seattle, where he enlisted as a US Merchant Marine.  He died in the war, and is buried in the Phillippines.

So here’s to my stubborn great grandpa, and all the other veterans who gave their lives.


And of course to angels and seatbelts, who also keep us safe.


11 responses to “Seatbelt Day

  1. I’m sorry – that picture? He is totally adorable.

  2. Aw, love the pic! So memorable. I also cannot sleep it. It’s the WORST.

  3. Your great grandpa sounds like a great man. And my Polish grandfather definitely fit right in the stubborn category 🙂
    Since when did Ikea have such bargain priced lunches?

  4. I love that about Ikea! There food is SO cheap!!

  5. Thank you for sharing that story about your Great Grandpa.

    Ha I went to Ikea today too but didn’t get food because we went to Chipotle instead…not as cheap but so delish!

  6. Love the pic — he sounds amazing

  7. Thank you Grandpa Eating Machine for your sacrifice.

    if you ever did become a nutritionist or minister, i’d be your first convert 😉

  8. 🙂 I seriously go to IKEA just to eat. LOL

  9. This was an awesome post. I haven’t had the pleasure of going to IKEA yet (not one in my town), but as soon as I do I’m going to get some of those meatballs. 🙂 Your breakfast looks great too.

  10. I want your fiance to make me breakfast! I never had Ikea food but was always tempted…although I do get the swedish fish. BTW I hate waking up so darn early!

  11. i think my grandparents were (and are!) just as stubborn 🙂 What a cool story about him, wanting to serve so badly.

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