Working Girl

Know what’s fun about being a sub?

At 6:05 you get to hear this baby ring

And suddenly you have to get ready for work.

Showering ahead of time is a good choice.  I’m not good at good choices.

We had an all american dinner last night


Roasted chicken, carrots, rice.

The fiance just about died of happiness over the white rice.  It’s the little things in life.

I made a really healthy dessert


Muffins (microwaved so they’re extra delicious) with ice cream, whipped cream, and extra baby chocolate chips for good measure

I’m fairly sure it made me skinnier.

Chowing down on breakfast


And trying to find something for lunch!

Good new is, this school should be low on “friends”!

In honor of the fact that I’m finding nothing to pack for my mid day meal…. what’s your favorite quick packable lunch?

11 responses to “Working Girl

  1. Very healthy dessert. I’d like to eat that after the healthy entrees I post.

  2. my favorite quick lunch is leftovers, but if we don’t have any….some type of sandwich/wrap works well.

  3. that is the best dessert ever but i would add some caramel =)

  4. PB&J. Or if I have access to a microwave around lunchtime, a packet of ramen. If you bring a sandwich bag of broccoli florets and shredded cooked chicken, the ramen becomes healthy. I swear.

  5. Turkey and avocado sandwhiches are always good to go

  6. I suck at packing lunch. I usually bring a couple fruits, veggies, and chop them up. I also scrounge for food in our kitchen, so my answer is now pretty useless. How about a sandwich?

  7. MMmmm….I heart your dessert. I heart gravy…I heart your taste buds.

  8. I hope you had a “friend” free day!

    I am kinda lazy, so I pack an Amy’s burrito or a Kashi frozen dinner more often than I’d like to admit. I also get on pb&j and salad kicks.

  9. LOL – funny post 🙂 I am fairly sure it made you skinnier too!

  10. I love your healthy dessert. No doubt it made you skinnier. Go to lunch? Cold Roasted Veggies, a WW tortilla or wrap and some deli turkey. Pair it with some fruit and cheese and you have all of your food groups. Dinner looks great.

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