Monday monday

I feel really cool for this, but I’m kinda excited to have a day where I don’t have to go to work, and I can get things done around the house… Do the laundry, clean the bathroom, work on the yard… God I’m old.

I’m glad everyone enjoyed my ex’s texts.  He’s high quality (my favorite was the time he had me visit.  and couldn’t afford to pay for ANYTHING because he was about to get plastic surgery.  he didn’t mention this ahead of time.  that was fun).

Although really of all quality ex’s I think the time one of them SHOWED UP AT MY HOUSE on thanksgiving takes the cake.  That really happened.

I could have a whole blog about my dating life.  It’d be called “Everyone I’ve Made Out with has Issues”.  But I think it might just reflect poorly on me…

Leftovers for lunch


Not bad.

Amazing soup for dinner


I made stock from the chicken we had last week, and then mixed in Rotel, corn, beans, peppers, chicken


And some spices.  Plus cheese and sour cream stirred in.  Mouthgasm.  So good.  Must make again.

And a beer.


Do I sometimes get Blue Moons just because they come with oranges?  Maybe.  Did I go through a span where I would order “the beer you put an orange in” because I couldn’t remember the name?  Let’s not judge.

Now I’m tackling some of this bowl


for breakfast.

Without beer.

For now at least.


9 responses to “Monday monday

  1. Hahaha please make a blog about your ex’s!!

  2. Beer belongs with breakfast!
    Do a post at least about your ex’s. They all sound nuts, it’ll be super entertaining!

  3. Ha that ex sounds like a class act lol

    yums that soup looks muy bueno =)

  4. Anything with avocado and cheese could never be bad, but that soup looks damn good

  5. Your ex sounds classy – haha

    Love the avocado in the soup — yum 🙂

  6. You are such a little hooker. Totally kidding. Kind of 😉

  7. mmm that soup does sound like a mouthgasm indeed

  8. LOL – funny post 🙂 What is rotel?

  9. wowwwww, your soup looks awesome!

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