Carb Days

Some days, they’re just carb days.

Days where the best possible idea is making muffins


Mini ones, because those are healthier, right?


And with spelt flour because it was close than the wheat that still is somewhere in the giant pile of unpacked it’s good for you!


Made with mini chocolate chips!

If you’re looking at those muffins thinking “gosh, why such a small batch?”

Um, it wasn’t.

I was just hungry.


Hormones make me bake.  I was seriously pacing the kitchen last night because i NEEEDED to bake something.  It’s the cooking that keeps the fiance loving me.  Even on days where I cry because he didn’t help me put away the groceries.  (He, um, might have been asleep when I put them away.  Making the crying super illogical.  There’s a chance)

Clearly, for lunch I needed more carbs.  I chopped up a potato and this ginormous carrot


If I wasn’t so busy thinking of eating another muffin I’d be coming up with an awesome that’s what she said to go with the carrot.

Baked up with some cheese and milk to make something warm, carby, and with a healthy dose of saturated fat.


Don’t tell me saturated fat isn’t healthy.  Don’t.

What’s your favorite thing when you’re craving something carb-y?  The fiance always tries to go to the grocery store to get me stuff.  Grocery store cake does not cut it for me.


13 responses to “Carb Days

  1. Prolly a muffin would fix my carb crave.
    I need to find mini chocolate chips. I bet I’d fell awesomely big if I ate them in yogurt with a mini spoon

  2. I have a cereal addiction. It’s so snackalicious.

    Carrot as big as my arm? Yes, please. The longer the better. TWSS.

  3. Totally unrelated but what was the recipe for that yummy bowl???????

  4. I loooooove cereal. Puffins. Can eat the entire box. IT’s bad.

  5. I eat the trailmix at work. It’s terrible when we have it because it rules my life until it’s gone. Also, chocolate does the trick in a pinch.

  6. Dude! I’m making mini baked goods tomrrow too!!! mmm…mini…bakeddd…

  7. When I am craving carbs, I go for pasta!!!

    Saturated fat is the new broccoli. No worries.

  8. Saturated fat is NOT unhealthy. How then is coconut good for you? Even butter is GOOD for you! I’m sick of people obsessing over saturated fat and the likes! So no judgments from me, girlfriend!

    Carbs? Oats. Bread. Sweet potato. Gnocchi. Kabocha…mm…Every day is carby day for me!

  9. wowwzzaa that s one big carrot (TWSS) haha had to throw that in there!!

    hmm fav carby crave would have to be cereal-i could go thru a whole box!!

  10. livelaughloveandrun

    My favorite carbs would have to be breakfast style foods… bagels, cereal, oatmeal, waffles, etc. I’m not a big muffin eater, but yours look really good!

  11. That is a huge carrot…I thought it was a sausage…carbs? don’t get me started – everyday is a Carb day for me – oats, bread (anything that can be slathered in nut butter basically), all squashes, cookies, ice cream, cereal…

  12. Your potato carrot combo looks awesome. Carbs? Pasta. Always and forever.

  13. My favorite carbs are baked goods, especially cupcakes!

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