Wild ‘n Crazy

My Saturday night involved some of this

DSCN4516Red wine, and as much water as possible.

Where was my fine dining excursion?

DSCN4517I think eating at too many chain restaurants revokes your ability to say you live in Portland.  But it was next to the movie theater.

And guess what else my Saturday night involved?  Lots of texts from an ex!  Awesome.  He was the last guy I dated before the fiance.  I might have went to visit him (he lives in Seattle) and then started dating the fiance the day after I got back.  That didn’t cause annnny awkwardness in my life.  No, none at all.

So we got an appetizer

(“we’re at horse brass where r uuuuuu?”

DSCN4518One half is thai chicken of some sort, one is mexican chicken of some sort.  Not bad.  Side effect of being too sick to eat much for the past 36 hours?  Totally stuffed from eating two of the six pieces.  Not full, STUFFED.  Forced dieting.  Awesome.

And we shared a pizza too

DSCN4520Garlic chicken.  I ate almost a piece.  And felt like my tummy was exploding

(“come get a drink!!!” from the ex.  Rad)

We saw a movie (Where the Wild Things Are) and were in bed at like 10:30.  Crazy life.

Got a text at 2 am letting me know I should come to Dixie’s as they were in VIP.

I could try and explain Dixie’s to you, but Barfly says it better than I could:

“Half-assed Coyote Ugly wannabe swarms with meatheads on the make, while can-tanned girls-gone-mild clamber up on the bar to drop it like it’s lukewarm. When their mechanical bull is out, means of making an ass of oneself are upped exponentially.”

So sad I missed that.

Instead I got up, did some grocery shopping, and made breakfast sammies for the fiance and me

DSCN4522English muffin with egg, cheese, bacon, spinach, and avocado, plus a crack orange.

Followed up by a text “oooo man the police tried to arrest us cuz we were settin my buddys ex gfs coat on fire last night!”

Yeah, I’ll take my mild and not so crazy life, thanks.



11 responses to “Wild ‘n Crazy

  1. Are you sure? That bar sounded pretty fun- between the mechanical bull and the canned tans, I’d be there.

    Hope your cold is better today!

  2. Yummy breakfast honey…

    Ha that bar sounds fabulous (kidding) lol

  3. That appetizer from CPK is like my favorite menu item at any restaurant ever. I don’t even know why — it just makes me happy.

    In related mechanical bull news: Trickshot Dixie’s closed. Le sigh!

  4. That breakfast looks awesome!

    Haha, exes texting … don’t they know when to just go away? LOL.

  5. Haha, I think you ended up with the better man

  6. I’m guessing you are feeling better. 🙂

  7. Wow… your ex should have sent better texts if he was trying to entice you to go out! LOL! I bet there is some great people-watching at that bar!

  8. Hey, I like California PIzza Kitchen! Haha.
    What is up with your ex? Any juicy things we should know about?

  9. I want a sammie!!! Exs make everything awkward, especially DRUNK EX TEXTS. Glad to see you doing better. BTW Where the wild things are + cpk= my kinda bad night out!

  10. Wow. If you ever do meet up with him for old time’s sake, keep an eye on your coat. And any hands that may stray towards lighters.


  11. Sounds like my ex. I’ll take my calm life too. The breakfast sammie sounds delicious. Everything is better with avocado.

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