Sometimes I feel like I mock the fiance on here a lot.

Which I think I kinda do.  I might mock him a lot in real life too.  He still wants to marry me, so I’m guessing it’s ok.  But he really is pretty fantastic.  I just woke up from a nap to find this sitting next to me

DSCN4515(That’s Gatorade in the glass)

I need the gatorade-I’ve got a headache that I’m guessing is mostly because I’m dehydrated.

I’m feeling a lot better today.  I’ve actually managed to eat.  I made a baby sized bowl of applesauce

DSCN4511Lots of 7-up

DSCN4514Even some rice and beans


(The rice and beans are from my Baja Fresh that was supposed to be my lunch yesterday.  I ordered, then threw up in the parking lot.  Klassy.)

My tummy is still a little funky.  And my brain is too, because guess what the fiance got away with eating for dinner last night

DSCN4510A Blizzard!

We’re now debating between going to IKEA or seeing Where the Wild Things are tonight.  We live a crazy life I tell you….

So here’s my question to you guys.  Have you ever gotten food poisoning?  Should I be calling Burger King and being like “yo, your food made me puke?” It has to be Burger King because it’s the only thing I ate that wasn’t something I ate multiple times this week, and that the fiance didn’t eat (well, he had different, untainted Burger King.)



8 responses to “Alive!

  1. I don’t know if I’ve ever gotten food poisoning but I’ve heard that ost illnesses which people attribute to the flue or cold is really a case of food poisoning

  2. Glad you feel better girl!

  3. Food poisoning is the worst illness I have ever had – both of the times. I would call.

  4. Awww Koosh I hope you feel better honey. I have had food poisoning before and it is horrible. I would def call and complain

  5. Call them. They need to know. Nothing is worse than being ooky. I’m glad you are feeling better. I’ve had food poisoning once. Not fun at all.

  6. I haven’t had food poisoning, but I would call them just in case.
    Feel better!

  7. I got food poisoning once at Matt’s “Gourmet” Hot Dogs. I will never eat another hot dog again, that was a night from hell lemme tell ya. I threw up more than I knew my little self could hold. Lovely right?

    The following days I lived off of saltine crackers, apple cider, and applesauce (my mom makes and cans the last two, so I stock up on those for those sick times, she’s sweet).

  8. BTW I would have chosen BOTH ikea and WWA. Just saying.

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