Who’s the sick face now?

So, here’s what my day has looked like

DSCN4509Crackers, Sprite, and bed.

We’ll get to that in a minute….

Yesterday was my last day with my “friend” and he made it through the whole day!

I packed a lame lunch

DSCN4504Bread (toasted at lunch) wih hummus, an orange, and a banana.  I need to buy more groceries.  Bad.

After learning the children I came home to a tired, still sick fiance.  He took a nap at 5 pm, and tried to take another one at 7.  He’s for real sick.  I was exhausted (time change hasn’t sunk in, I’m up at 5:30 every day) and we decided on the laziest dinner possible

DSCN4508Yeah.  Poor choice.

DSCN4506Not just cause that’s a really not nutritious dinner…

Today I’ve been able to keep almost nothing down… Ick!   And given that I’m not achy or feverish or anything, that seems like food poisoning .

Thanks Burger King, thanks.

I seriously don’t remember the last time I threw up for reasons that were not migraines or drinking.   Not my favorite.

On a good note I’m finally alive enough that leaving bed isn’t making me run to the bathroom, so things are looking up!

Let’s hope I’m better tomorrow!

8 responses to “Who’s the sick face now?

  1. im sorry you’re sick! glad you’re feeling well enough to not upchuck your food.

  2. I have had food poisoning twice in my life – 2 years apart … both from burger king. The only 2 times I had eaten it in those two years too.

  3. Boooo. Feel better!

  4. Oh no! Feel better honey!

  5. i hope you feel better soon girlie 😀

  6. Jeezzzz. Sounds bad! Keep hydrated and follow the BRAT diet….and not brat meaning your kids. Feel better and have a great weekend!

  7. Oh, no I’m sorry to hear about that! Drink tons of water and get tons of rest, girlie! I hope you feel better!!!

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